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If boxing sucks, why do we use their scoring?

Elias Cepeda agrees with me that Clay Guida got fucked. He takes it further and says Rich Franklin vs Yushin Okami also showed how MMA judging needs to be evaluated:

Fights are difficult and sometimes it takes a long time to wear down an opponent or to finally catch them by surprise. If one fighter is finally able to exert control and threaten to finish the other at the end of a fight after what was essentially an even one prior, he should be rewarded with the acknowledgement that by the fight’s close he was the one to most effectively subdue the other, even if the fight did not finish by submission or KO.

Fights should not be judged by adding up rounds, especially in MMA where the fights last only 3-5 rounds as opposed to a maximum of 12 in boxing. Instead judges should be mandated to take into account the fight as a whole. I’ve heard the argument that it would be hard for judges to pay attention to a fight for that long in the five minute increments that many MMA fights use.

Sure. We have people sending rockets into space and performing surgery, not to mention everyone else who works 8-10 hour days, every day. Maybe we could at least get some of their slower cousins that can focus on tasks a half hour at a time with one minute breaks every five minutes in case their brains start to hurt to judge these fights.

While I’m not too happy with how things turn out sometimes, I’m much more afraid that any change to the judging process would lead to something much worse than we currently have. If you want reform, you should start by forcing the commissions to get qualified MMA judges. That’s the first big step towards fixing the problem. The fact is we live in a shitty world where kittens and puppies die and morons are in charge of athletic commissions. Until we deal with that, we ain’t getting nowhere.

  • Mike O

    yeah one thing that pisses me off is you see the judges, they are like 60 – 80 years old, sitting at the side of the octagon with some paper in front of them, looking like they are going to die of boredom, glancing around, chatting with each other. what the fuck. get someone in there who gives a shit about mma, and you can bet they will pay attention. in fact i think they should get actual mma fighters to judge.

    if you are a 70 year old man, i dont care how many boxing fights you’ve judged, you are not adequately equipped to judge an MMA fight. because first off MMA became a spectator sport long after you were young enough to wrestle anyone, so you cant possibly have any clue about the ground game. and secondly age = decreased mental acuity.

  • Mike O

    oh yeah and another thing, what the fuck is up with the 10 point must system? is anyone getting a 5? or even an 8? they might as well call it the 1 point must system and just do it like they are now but subtract 9 from each rounds score.