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If you thought Randy Couture was old…

When he was young, he was doing combat jumps into Laos as a paratrooper. Now that’s he’s a bit older he’s taking it easy as a cage fighter. Fucking nuts. Here’s his fight finder, and here’s his official homepage.

  • Archivist

    Although it is a bit hard to take him seriously as a professional MMA fighter, i am fairly convinced that ole Skip could rip one of my arms off and beat me silly with the bloody end.

  • intenso

    I love how he even has the old-timey “get your dukes up, sonny” stance.

  • Mike O

    skip is not a good fighter

  • intenso

    get off my lawn!

  • fightlinker

    The fact that he’s a fighter at all is impressive enough for me.

  • Jonathan

    He is in much much much much better shape then I!

  • Jonathan

    Would you expect mercy from a 63 year old dude?