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In Croatia, shit like this must happen ALL THE TIME

Over the last two days, Mirko Crocop has been featured on JackalTV pouring beer down a chick’s pants and throwing mystery liquids onto unsuspecting Japanese fans. This is all ‘hehehe’ quality shit, not really worth the title one reader gave Mirko as “a huge prankster.”

However, after watching this video, I’m willing to admit that okay, Crocop is pretty good at this prank shit. Anyone who’s willing to get automatic weapons involved is certainly on a different level.

  • teddydarussian

    wow crocop got fat in his beater

  • Captain

    Well if you haven’t already done so you gotta post the Cro Cop/Mauro prank cause it takes the cake for me.

    For shits and giggles there’s also a video out there of Mirko and his crazy family letting two old dudes beat each other up at some backyard barbeque. Good ending on that one.

  • Dangerfield

    Ever read a translation of some of the content of the documentary or some of the shows he was in? Dudes hilarious.

  • godzillad

    You guys should post the video of Crocop being the mail man.

  • Dangerfield
  • RoB

    Holy shit….. “i got an idea, why dont i pull a gun out and act like im shooting everybody?” that is a real prank, and i thought rubbing my ball sack on my friends face while spotting him on a bench press was hardcore.

    Im just not on his level

  • godzillad

    Crocop’s idea of a prank is a cross between Jackass and David Fincher’s ”The Game”.