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Interesting Undisputed 3 roster inclusions / omissions continue

THQ continues to drip feed us roster details for UFC Undisputed 3 (yes, they abandoned the annual designations after no one bought Undisputed 2010). Thus far it’s been interesting not because of who’s in the game – if you assumed most of the guys on the actual UFC roster, you’d be correct – but who isn’t. We’ve already gone through the notable no-showables from the 155 and 205 divisions. Now we get to find out who’s not feeling the love at heavyweight and featherweight.

Most amusing is the exclusion of Chang Sung Jung and Nam Phan. But of course Leonard Garcia is included, which proves his Hypno-Garcia powers of influence work on more than just MMA judges. Tyson Griffin is also missing, which is strange considering he’s been in the UFC for 5 years and is one of the better known guys fighting at 145 now. And I guess Hatsu Hioki is just too new to include, even though half the MMA universe has him pegged as the second best featherweight in the world after Jose Aldo.

As for the Heavyweights, Mark Hunt, Matt Mitrione and Joey Beltran are missing and while retiree Chuck Liddell is still at 205, Randy Couture is now officially off the roster. Interestingly enough, there’s a few guys listed who aren’t even a part of the promotion any more. Gabriel Gonzaga is still listed and so is Sean McCorkle. There’s also a video up at MiddleEasy that implies Heath Herring and Mark Coleman are included in PRIDE mode, making me wonder what use these roster lists are if they aren’t even complete.

  • UberShmact

    Randy Couture was in the EA MMA Game which, I assume is why he isn’t in the UFC game, he must have signed a contract with EA.

  • glassjawsh

    who cares about the roster? as long as the game play still sucks NO ONE WILL BUY THIS SHIT

  • neitzhe

    Clearly you guys aren’t known for facts n stuff but Couture signed with the EA game years ago and was never in a UFC game. What is more disturbing is most of your posts (like this one) are now also lacking humor and snark.

  • Redping

    no meathead or korean zombie? that sucks balls, so i guess there’ll be no twister submissions either.

    and don’t listen to the trolls, you guys stay a solid mediocre while all the other mma sites turn into overly PC ad-fests, keep on truckin fl

  • neitzhe

    No listen to the trolls. I will take adds with facts and poor humor over no facts and no humor. Can you please start making fun of shit again. Fuck make fun of trolls like me.

  • mamoru

    Undisputed 2009 sold about 3.5 million copies and is a HUGE SUCCESS!!!
    2010 sold 2.1 million and is one of the biggest failures in modern video game history.

    I dont get it.

  • P W

    “… you really realize what you are speaking approximately”

    The spambot is pretty much spot on about Fightlinker.


  • Danjo

    I heart jony the spambot.