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Interview: Chris Horodecki plays matchmaker

A trio of killers is harbored over at the Adrenaline Training Center in London, Ontario. Sam Stout, the former TKO lightweight champion and perennial UFC contender, Mark Hominick, a former TKO featherweight champion and recent UFC title challenger, and Chris Horodecki, a former WEC and IFL standout, all make up an impressive group of men who posses the skills that can shut off the lights of anyone they face.

Combined they have 36 finishes between them, most of which have come by some form of knockout. These Canadian boys have been with eachother through thick and thin, and to think that Chris wouldn’t be the least bit biased when it comes to future matches for his brothers in arms would be both illogical and just down right stupid, but nonetheless, he shares his thoughts on both the realistic and the hypothetical matches that both Sam and Mark will soon find themselves in.

For Stout, he is coming off unarguably the biggest win of his career. In his last outing, Sam finally paid homage to his “Hands of Stone” moniker by knocking out the well respected Yves Edwards inside of the first-round. Not only did the victory mark his first Octagon finish of his career, but UFC President Dana White has described the finish as “the most brutal” in the organization’s history. Now, Sam will once again put his hands to the test when he takes on another accomplished fighter in Dennis Siver, who is riding a five-fight winning streak under the Zuffa umbrella, with impressive performances against Spencer Fisher, George Sotiropoulos, and most recently Matt Wiman.

“I think this is a really good fight for Sam because Dennis Siver right now, he’s got a big name, he’s vastly improved”, said Chris, who later recalls having trained with the dangerous German striker.

“Very, very improved from two years ago when we actually had the opportunity to work with him in Xtreme Couture, but saying that, Dennis Siver is primarily a standup fighter, full-contact karate, kickboxing styled striker. He’s got improved takedown defense, but no real takedowns, and I think that this fight is going to be dictated completely on the feet and I think Sam is just a little bit more superior than him and I think this is a perfect, perfect fight for Sam to win this fight and break his name out as a serious contender in the UFC.”

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His win over Edwards at UFC 131 last June, marked Stout’s first finish in his 11-fight career with the organization, which still have some fans questioning his actual punching power, much less compared to that of Siver who has proven his power time and time again. Horodecki, though, is much more confident about Stout’s natural abilities than the fickle disbelievers.

“I think Sam is one of the hardest hitters. I don’t think a lot of people give him a lot of credit with how hard of a striker he actually is. I think Sam is actually superior in the power department.”

As for Mark Hominick, he may be coming off of a loss, though he’s gained a lot more fans and in some regards has taken a moral victory with the performance he put up against the reigning and defending featherweight champ, Jose Aldo. With mounting injuries and  the recent birth of his daughter, Hominick is enjoying a little bit of well deserved time away from the cage.

“Right now, he’s kind of in limbo, they don’t have a fight set for him”, began Chris.

“You’ve got to also remember, he fought a five-round war with Jose Aldo. He got a broken hand in that fight, he just had the birth of his daughter, so definitely some well deserved time off. He’s been away from the cage, but the UFC just recently announced that on December 10th they are hosting the UFC in Toronto again at the ACC which is just going to be humongous. I think if there’s anyone who they should be bringing on that card, it’s definitely Mark Hominick. He was the biggest draw for the last show at the Sky Dome at the Rogers Centre, so the (Air Canada Centre), with a more intimate setting, I think Mark Hominick should definitely be on that card.”

One match that has been discussed for “The Machine’s” return is none other then Chan Sung Jung, who is more affectionately known to fans as “The Korean Zombie”. In his first fight with Zuffa with the now defunct WEC organization, Jung took part in a memorable bout with former title challenger Leonard Garcia. The bout has been described by the UFC head honcho as the “greatest fight” he’s ever seen–surpassing that of Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar at the season one finale of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Though he succumbed to a controversial split-decision loss, Jung has gained a huge fan following in the process and later avenged the defeat by submitting the Greg Jackson product last March with an impressive Twister, paying respect to the great Eddie Bravo.

Chan originally took to Twitter stating simply “I want Mark Hominick”, to which the former TKO champ responded by saying “Korean Zombie would be an awesome fight! … People have been asking about Korean Zombie. It would be a great fight and would love to do it if it was offered.”

Needless to say, “The Polish Hammer” is all on board for the idea, in what he thinks would be not only a great fight for the fans, but a great fight for Hominick to come right back into.

“If the ‘Korean Zombie’ fight does happen, I think that’s a great fight for Mark. Mark I think is on a completely different level than him. Standup, Mark will have his way with him, and if it hits the ground, Mark is so much improved that you’re not going to see him get caught up in any Twister moves.”

  • iamphoenix


    is brian lopez a package deal with RM?

  • chiggs

    Hands of Stone!! Stone dammit!! Hands of Steel is Scott Smith’s moniker fuckers. Side note, Hordecki is apparently fighting not to far from me in the near future(Sudbury) and am actually surprised that Pro MMA has found its way this far North already…pretty cool tbh, too bad the card isnt all that great :/ Ah well, Outta the 3, Chris had shown the most promise, but he’s kinda fallen off the radar these days…shame, tuff young kid so still has a chance to climb back up suppose

  • Letibleu

    Yeah, I caught that too. Hands of stone.\

    I looked up people with “hammer” in their nickname. Most of them finish by crashing and burning. Hopefully the polish in him will see him to success.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m stuck with Horodecki due to watching him get smashed in such beautifully horrible ways.  the running away face kicks, and the arm tie grill-in-pushing are thoroughly burned into my mind at the same level as Anderson’s front kick.  This makes it hard to take him seriously as a fighter who can handle himself in tough situations, but I like his thoughts on the Siver fight.  I dunno if they’re true, but we get a fun fight to find out.

    Fenix – a lot of times marketing companies will work with multi-outlet companies like RM to use their outlets (like FL) to distribute PR pieces.  Game companies tend to do it in return for games to review and early access, etc.  I dunno if that’s what’s going on here, but it’s one option. “Brian Lopez” doesn’t even have a photo up, and (if he’s the same guy as before) does not respond to anything written or interact with his audience in any way. This puts him a step below Volds

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    first he had 3 names, then we mock him for having 3 names. now he has two names. he still sucks. you still suck brian lopez. you on facebook? I need pics of you to photoshop meow, and joan hasn’t had any new pictures up.


    i’m such a haxxor lol omg

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    Yeah bro im on my phone right now ill send it to you once i get to my computer
    Fbms dog is fuckin bad ass dude.

  • CAP

    DJ you nailed my thoughts on Horodecki. I have only been impressed with the way he gets finished. Which is not how you want to be remembered.

    That dog pic is MESMERIZING!

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    FUCK BRIAN LOPEZ. Nigga stole my bike!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    CAP – am I wrong or has he done the run away thing more than once?  I know he only lost by it once, but I remember him doing it in the IFL too.

    [joke style=”tired”]Maybe his mom can teach him how to fight afterschool?[/joke]

    I’m actually totally jealous of how young he looks.