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Invicta 2 takes form

Invicta 2 returns at the end of July and for it’s main event they’ve got an interesting fight in Olympic wrestler Sarah McMann vs submission wizardess Shayna Baszler. McMann’s bread and butter is taking her opponents down and keeping them there, which is exactly where Baszler is most dangerous. Punch Drunk Gamer talked to Shayna about the match-up:

Shayna Baszler:  We have grappled each other before in tournaments so it won’t be the first time that we have faced each other. That being said, Olympic athletes are at a whole different level personally and physically than most other athletes. Which is why the fact that we have faced each other in the past will make it a little easier because nothing will come as a surprise.

PDG: Who won the grappling matches?

Shayna Baszler:  We each won one.

PDG:  Back to your fight with McMann, what advantages do see for yourself going into this fight?

Shayna Baszler:  For one I am a finisher and I don’t see anyway that McMann submits me and I don’t think she is knocking anyone out. The only way she wins this fight is if she bores everyone watching to death with lay ‘n pray and no one wants to see that type of fight. I think that her strengths, taking me down and working on the ground, is my world so her strengths play right into my style. So it will be up to her to decide, whether she wants to get beat-up standing or if she would prefer to get submitted on the ground.

The rest of the Invicta 2 card started shaping up over the weekend and I’m sure after the positive vibes Fightlinker sent out after the first card you’d love to hear what we think. Those bookings after the jump.

Vanessa Porto vs Kelly Kobald: Porto is a staple of the Brazilian WMMA scene and has been tapping people out for over seven years. Kobald is returning from a 3 year break after losing to Tara LaRosa, Jule Kedzie, and Gina Carano. She’s tough and game, but not up to Porto’s level.

Amanda Nunes vs Milena Dudeva: Amanda Nunes is no joke. Milana Dudieva has atrocious striking and hasn’t proven herself against any serious competition. This one could be a slaughter.

Carla Esparza vs Sarah Schneider: Two battle tested bitches. Schneider’s 6-5 record may not be so hot but she’s lost to a who’s who of WMMA including Megumi Fujii and Sarah Kaufman. Carla Esparza is coming off a split decision loss to Jessica Aguilar and a win against Felice Herrig. This should be an excellent scrap.

Jocelyn Lybarger vs Cheryl Chan: Two women having their pro debuts on the card. Lybarger is a gamer and a brawler but isn’t going to do well against anyone who can counterstrike or put her on her back. No idea about Chan.

So far, so good with the matchmaking on this one. It’s too bad they spent the money to fly Dudeva over from Russia when there’s way more qualified international talent out there, and we’ll still have to see if Invicta bothers to scout the women they put on the bottom half of the card. But overall a solid second card with another meaningful main event.

  • drunkenjunk

    i can’t support this unless the fights get better or they get hotter women.

  • TheRimReaper

    Ooh, that looks very exciting.

    Doesn’t baszler play the stringy paddle?
    Stringy paddles are awesome.

    That looks like a terribly, wonderfully exciting event, although it does unfortunately lack a Modafferiesque element that would push it into epic territory.

  • Blackula Jonez

    So far so good with this card, the first one was okay but was a little can crushery especially the poor broad on the other side of the Liz Carmouche bout.

  • TheRimReaper

    @ Jones’njunk, The chick on the right aint to bad.

    She’s got a lil Marloes Coenan going on in the face.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That Nunes fight is a travesty.  Looks like fun otherwise.

  • glassjawsh

    wonder how long ryan wrestled with what the feminine of ‘wizard’ is….

    witch buddy, she’s a submission witch

  • Fightlinker

    I let the mangling of the english language fly fast and free

  • Rodriguez

    “Two battle tested bitches.”

    *spit take*

  • TheRimReaper

    Can you really picture Ryan typing that?
    He was probably trying to be nice.
    You know, being Canadian and all.

  • Voice of Reason

    The first card wasn’t bad. There were defo some issues but it’s a first show and they don’t have a ton of money to throw at it. But I hope they do well in the long run for the future of WMMA especially since Strikeforce seems to be sinking.

  • Giallo

    The chick on the right ain’t bad?? dude wtf

  • mobius

    ^ yeah, wtf? Sara’s hot! ;)

    should be a good main event. Anyone know if Kerry Vera is still injured?

    “Two battle tested bitches.” rebellion from rm!?

    isn’t a male witch a warlock?

  • Giallo

    ^ is that one of the “chicks” in the pic and it is a warlock (good movie too).

  • frickshun

    Girls don’t usually look their best in competition. They’re decent looking when made up. Fudge you guys. Fudge you guys to heck!!