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Invicta FC chat tonight!

The all-women Invicta FC card is tonight and we’ll be chattin it up in the Fightlinker chat room during the event. You can watch the event at, and if the stream doesn’t suck I’m gonna be pretty excited because that means we’ll have a serious promotion we can watch that’ll scratch our itch! Our dry, raw WMMA itch.  The full lineup after the jump, with some more pictures from All Elbows mixed in.

145 lbs.: Marloes Coenen vs. Romy Ruyssen
105 lbs.: Jessica Penne vs. Lisa Ellis
135 lbs.: Liz Carmouche vs. Ashleigh Curry
135 lbs.: Kaitlin Young vs. Leslie Smith

135 lbs.: Sarah D’Alelio vs. Vanessa Mariscal
115 lbs.: Sally Krumdiack vs. Sarah Schneider

105 lbs.: Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc vs. Amy Davis
125 lbs.: Sarah Maloy vs. Michele Gutierrez

145 lbs.: Randi Miller vs. Mollie Estes
115 lbs.: Ashley Cummins vs. Sofia Bagherdai
105 lbs.: Cassie Rodish vs. Meghan Wright

  • Remico

    Looks like 7pm Central time is when it starts.

    Countdown to Ryan fucking chat up like last week

  • SST

    LOL! 3 Fatties miss weight by 4 lbs. 

  • Fightlinker

    Jeez, chat was only fucked up because we moved to a new server and the /chat/ directory didn’t exist. 

  • rahrahrah

    SST is probably the fattest person on this site. Way to be a douchebag, douchebag.

    Anyway, should be a great night of fights. War Marloes, as always.

  • TheWrongdoorWrangler

    Did anyone else notice that Romy Ruyssen looks a lot like Rhona Rousey, at least in that picture.

    BTW: Yeah blame it on Ryan, remiblow fucks up chat every time just by being there.

  • SST

    LOL! ragfag is a fuckin’ idiot.  They’re trying to develop an all woman’s MMA promotion and 4 fighters miss weight by 4 lbs.  Nothing professional about it and just one more reason why they’re not ready for the UFC.

  • 32hunter

    great event. you need to watch Young- Smith, one of the best fights of the year.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    SST is probably the fattest person on this site. Way to be a douchebag, douchebag

    Hey now – nobody is taking my title!   I have the greatest ab of all the Jackals.