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Ipecac update

Hey y’all. I know a lot of you are wondering what the fuck is up with the Ipecac bet from UFC 85, and I’ve just gotten an update from the CagePotato guys about it. They have searched high and low for ipecac but weren’t able to find any until this weekend when they were in Chicago. Apparently the bottle they found was pretty ratty and old, which hopefully won’t result in Ben dying. But I’ve got assurances that there is no welshing (those damn cheating Welsh!) going on here and we should see the glorious results of the bet soon.


    About time too…. I was beginning to think they’d Punk’d out.

  • Burtonchik

    I think they should also have to piss themselves a la jesse taylor to make up for the delay.

  • hydrogen peroxide

    They don’t make Ipecac anymore. It was banned. Try hydrogen peroxide. That’s how we induce vomiting in dogs…

  • Jemaleddin

    #3: Yeah! And try arsenic! And strychnine! And potassium cyanide!

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Brave guys at CagePotato

  • Garth

    someone makes a suggestion and jem reacts in a totally irrelevant way. nice.

    i still think they’re whinyass titty babies.

  • martymarta

    well it wasn’t good enough that they agreed to puke their guts out and are willing to drink an incredibly old bottle of a banned substance….we should just force them to drink arsenic instead…wtf

  • el feo xiii


  • clitwizard

    wow a total of 8 comments on here somebody get a new a server it hink its going to crash with all the MAD crazy amountof people in here posting. to much traffic.

    what a joke of a mma blog website. i give this site another 5 months then its down.


  • fightlinker

    clitwizard has spoken

  • rollshop

    dang linker, i thought your site was cool…then i read the inspiring and eloquent words of “clitwizard.” i guess you had better close up shop and just start a hockey blog or something.

  • clitwizard

    try to get your money back from helen keller who did your website layout.

  • fightlinker

    but that is not possible as hellen keller died many years ago before computers were in existance. u should do sum research before saying stoopid shit LOLOLOL

  • clitwizard

    its called a joke jiz drinker

  • Hywel Teague [FO Magazine]

    Ryan I’m tired of calling you a motherfucker. As a Welshman I must point out, the CORRECT term is welching, not welshing. As you are likely to receive dead sheep heads in the mail if you use the incorrect term


    Sheep Shagger.

  • JackalAss

    wow, sounds like clitwizard took the whole ‘CP getting owned” thing a bit too serious……sounds like she’s the one that has to kiss that nice vomitty mouth.

    oh, clitty, generally, people typing repeated caps LOL’s and obvious spelling errors is a toungue-in-cheek sarcastic joke. you cum-dumpster. no joke here.

    good job by ben n the boys for manning up, and going abroad to keep their word.

  • teachbug

    this is stupid.
    and fightlinker you claim to kinda be this guys friend?
    any friend who would force another to do this stupid shit aint much friend……just make the guy pay you some dough.
    that stuffs bad, and you know it. if he does it, hes dumb, if you push it thru your website, and your rabid idiot fanbase or his, then YOU deserve to pay his hospital bills.

  • Boondock

    I don’t believe one of these MMA blogging bitches has the balls to drink a bottle of defeat. ..we’ll see

  • fightlinker
    welsh (wlsh, wlch) also welch (wlch)
    intr.v. welshed also welched, welsh·ing also welch·ing, welsh·es also welch·es Informal
    1. To swindle a person by not paying a debt or wager.
    2. To fail to fulfill an obligation.

    Haha … the Welsh are dirty swindlers

  • kentyman

    @teachbug: It was a bet. CagePotato is the one who forced himself to do this stupid shit.