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Is Golden Glory headed back to K-1?

Zach Arnold lays out what may be next for Alistair Overeem and his camp Golden Glory:

Golden Glory (and Alistair Overeem, in particular) had huge plans for becoming household names in Japan. They had signed a deal with talent agency Yoshimoto and everything seemed on track. Then, Golden Glory abruptly left the K-1 scene and Alistair headed to the States. Golden Glory and Zuffa working together, naturally, seemed like oil and water from the onset. So, it’s no surprise to me that Golden Glory would be interested in getting back into the Japanese scene in a big way. After all, they would likely be the top matchmaker and talent client for Ishii should he be able to get a K-1 revival going again. Alistair being able to do MMA occasionally and kickbox most of the time is what he’s always wanted to do in his career. You can’t change a leopard’s spots and that’s always been the case with both Alistair and Golden Glory.

Zuffa is playing hardball here with Golden Glory and, when I first heard the story, I didn’t blink. They are the monopoly play right now in MMA on a large scale. The only way you do not acquiesce to their deamnds is if you are promoting your own shows or if you have a promoter to work with. The only promoter who possibly down the line could have money or make the kinds of enticing financial promises to convince Golden Glory to stay firm would be Kazuyoshi Ishii (despite Alistair’s reported financial problems with FEG). For Lorenzo Fertitta, cutting off Golden Glory was rather painless for him. He knows that most UFC fans and writers in the media will side with them and turn on the fighters & Golden Glory, so what does he have to worry about?

I dunno about everyone magically siding with the UFC on this one. Maybe all the people on mah tweeties are hardcore fan / hater hybrids Dana White always rags on, but there was a lot of evil empire Dana White is the devil talk going down yesterday. It was akin to what happens when you mention George Bush Jr at a hippie communee.

It is unfortunate that K-1 getting saved is probably what caused Overeem and the gang to try and twist Zuffa’s arm however they tried to twist it. In return, Zuffa put them over their raping barrel and gave them a good solid forcible violation. The message is clear: don’t think y’all can Nick Diaz it. We decide who’s valuable and who’s not. Mess with our plans and we will cutchoo!

  • CAP

    I knew some dirt would surface eventually and we would get another side to the story. More to come I’m sure.

    I always knew it would be hard getting Reem locked into a Zuffa contract with his other ambitions. Which sucks for the fans.

  • lukustra

    this is indeed monopoly play. in just a few months, zuffa INAHLIATED strikeforce. Fedor, Overeem, Diaz, Cyborg, Connen, and possibily Henderson. Thats 5 current or former promotion champions.. Strikeforce was the most exciting promotion imho, and now its over. ridiculous.

  • pewnt

    - K1 is sold to a real estate firm.
    – They may, or may not owe GG/Overeem money.
    – There are Zero planned events for K1 under the new ownership.
    – There has been no solid reports that Barbizon has any intentions of holding events.
    – There are rumors of Ishii being involved again. He hinted at a HWGP every 2 years.

    So Overeem’s management team decides to pass on the Zuffa contract, so that Overeem may fight for an organization that is not running events(K1), smaller MMA shows, or their own promotion.

    A wise man once told me:
    Business is business. Friends are friends. Family is family. Never confuse the three!

    *** For the dumb people that means that friends, and Family may not make the right business partners.

  • agentsmith

    Hey, that article links my article.  Does this mean I’ve “made it”?

  • frickshun

    ^^If by “made it”, you mean “left a steaming pile on the carpet”……..then YES, you made it!!

  • agentsmith

    ^ We got the whole story together now.  Or at least more of it.