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Is Mark Hunt gonna make it to UFC 160?


Mark Hunt’s story over the past two years has been pretty awesome, one part Cinderella Man, another part Rocky. Things get extra Rocky at UFC 160 when he faces off against Junior Dos Santos, but now that fight may be in jeopardy as Hunt is having difficulties getting into the US over a recent arrest. Here’s his frustrated tweets from an airport in New Zealand:

    @derekschock @geuben well thanks to a idiot freind if mine I did get arrested
— mark richard hunt (@markhunt1974) May 6, 2013

Getting real tired of this shit
— mark richard hunt (@markhunt1974) May 9, 2013

This is wat happens wen u have friends that are dikheads the last fukn time I help these mother fkn trouble makers
— mark richard hunt (@markhunt1974) May 9, 2013

Denied again at airport I’m never helping anymore dikhead mates
— mark richard hunt (@markhunt1974) May 9, 2013

No word on how serious all this is, but you don’t just get refused entry to a country one day over an arrest and then let in the next without something getting sorted out. Let’s hope Dana White pulls some strings like he did with Jeremy Stephens to try and get this thing sorted out. Mark Hunt is one of the main reasons I’m excited about UFC 160, and it would be stanky nutsacks to the extreme if he doesn’t get to fight.

(pic by Jeff Cain for MMA Weekly)

  • kwagnuth

    Yeah if he doesn’t fight I aint buying. The rest of this card specially the main event can suck my big hairy balls.

  • Reverend Clint

    Maybe dana can hire a private plane to take him out

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    That sucks for Hunt, but I’m still curious why he was arrested if it’s all his friend’s fault. I’ve been in groups where friends of mine have been arrested for being idiots, and low and behold I wasn’t thrown in jail and charged – because I wasn’t doing anything.

    Three weeks out from a big fight might be a good time to stay home with the family or be at the gym, just sayin…

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