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Is Ronda Rousey taking her eye off the ball?

Is Ronda Rousey taking her eye off the ball?

Dana White might be okay with Ronda Rousey’s plans to spend time filming the Expendables 3 because it doesn’t affect the UFC’s plans to have her fight on New Years Eve. But it will affect her training camp – if not in quality then at least in geography:

“They’ve been extremely accommodating. I’m going to be able to move people from my camp over where I want to be at filming. It’s going to be me training all the way through this. If I was going to have three jobs and train at the same time, then I can have one other job and train at the same time. Kind of like a different location, it’s going to be kind of difficult. I can multitask, I do it all the time.”

That’s a pretty glib attitude towards dropping her standard living and training regiment and trying to recreate something just as effective in a foreign country. If it was anyone but Ronda I’d say there’s no way it would work, but her years as an Olympic calibre athlete getting shuttled around the world for competitions certainly gives her some experience training on the road.

If she can deal with that, the far off locale might actually work out in her favor. For all the distractions a movie set stuffed full of the biggest stars in action film history might be, it has nothing on the drama bombs that are liable to start going off every week when TUF debuts.

“I’m happy I’m going to be out of the country while it’s playing, so hopefully it will blow over by the time I get back,” Rousey said. “It’s just going to show a lot that it’s not my best environment to be in.

“I was focusing more on being the best possible coach that I could, and if you ask anybody on my team, they will say that they were completely happy with how I was as a coach, and that’s all I really care about. How I came off personally wasn’t really my biggest goal. Miesha might come off better and her hair look better, but my athletes love me more.”

But how will her fans and MMA fans in general react to all the craziness that goes down on TUF? And how will the ensuing controversy affect things? Unless Ronda decides to abandon social media through the season, Bulgaria ain’t going to save her from having to deal with all that. All in all it creates a perfect storm of potential distractions. Sure, Ronda has dealt with Olympic level stress. But this is gonna be stress of a different variety. It will be interesting to see how she handles it, and if it affects her performance in the cage.

  • agentsmith

    Unless she has a significant role, she probably won’t be on set for more than a few days anyway.

  • Female MMA Fighters

    Eh, big deal, right? I doubt it’ll have a negative impact. She can still workout on the set. Most of your time on a movie set is downtime anyways, and like AgentSmith said – it’ll prob only be a few days at most, it’s not like she’s starring in the movie right?

    It brings more attention to the sport, which she’s already been doing a great job of. I don’t think MMA has ever had such a good figure to help promote them to the main stream.