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Is this a sign that UFC is going up or A&E is going down?

I don’t ‘do’ cable TV any more … I stopped watching it right around the time The Learning Channel became The Retard Channel and SpikeTV stopped showing Star Trek: The Next Generation in favor of Star Trek: The Homosexual Shows. Generally TV channels were getting worse and worse, and as I understand A&E followed the trend. A channel that was once all about … er … ARTS and ENTERTAINMENT became the home for Criss Angel and Dog the fucking Bounty Hunter.

Honestly, I had thought that they had canceled every show with any kind of redeeming intellectual qualities, but apparently the show Biography is still on, and there’s plans to feature UFC legend Randy Couture in one. Which is awesome, because I really wanna find out what the deal was with his first (or second?) Yoko-style bitch of a wife. I also wanna see if his daughters are hot or not. In my mind it could really go either way: they could be total hotties or just look like nasty Randelinas with long hair and lumpy tits.

  • kentyman

    No way their tits are lumpy; Randy’s are perfectly round!

    They might be balding though.

  • Jemaleddin

    I don’t know if their tits are lumpy or round, but I’ll bet they’re natural.


  • kentyman

    Oh, snap!

  • Matt

    Star Trek BEEP!

  • garth

    No cable? You mean you don’t get the joys of Ion TV and Versus’ Professional Bull Riding? What about 87 channels of Spanish language soccer? Futbol!
    Of course, there’s one real reason for getting cable. Adult Swim.

  • fightlinker

    Watch out kentyman … Jemaleddin is gonna take your one-liner crown!

  • marshal

    South park, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, UFC is about all I watch on TV. Cable for me!
    Now it’s time to check out Randy’s kids, drewl slobber drewl, haha.

  • kentyman

    Don’t get snarky with me, ‘Linker.

  • Thomas

    Hey Garth I like my one billion channels of spanish futbol. Watch just to hear the announcer yell GOALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d watch A&E stuck to a chair for two days with my eyelids stuck open then have to watch 1/2 hr of the lifetime channel.

  • John

    Capatin America: The Life and Times of Randy Couture

    Mabye Mark Coleman will be in this one too

  • marshal

    But the daughters! You musn’t forget about his fucking daughters!

  • ted dibiase

    i outta bitch slap you for talking down on DOG. $5 says you look like one of Chris Angels half retarded brothers.

    Star Trek. what a nerd.

  • garth vader

    He also has a son who may or may not be hot. I guess we will find out when the show airs. *gets excited*

  • marshal

    eww garth brooks vader, eww

  • bmiller

    I saw his one daughter when Randy fought Mike VanArsdal. She is ugly as hell, and she reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. (Kelly Osbourne, I think her name is) Anyways she was wearing gothic sort of clothes and was just plain ugly.

  • marshal

    eww bmiller, eww