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Is this the worst fight to ever sort of take place?

What’s going on up there, Canada?  Courtesy of The MMeh? Show we have discovered one David “The Can” Correa, who may be the most awful fighter in the world: “I don’t always sprawl, but when I do I tap out.”  Of course, what can you say about the winner, a guy who can’t finish an opponent who gets gassed after sprawling three times?  Methinks he looks a bit too smug about this victory.

  • CAP

    That is a sad promotion if that guy was fighting for a belt.
    Here’s another good flop

  • Higgz

    Is that Art Jimmerson in his corner? Hey oh!

  • KravMagoo

    What BELT was this for? And does this promotion have a ‘you can’t hit a guy who’s laying flat on the ground like the police are arresting him’ rule?

  • glassjawsh

    I’d take this guy over fellow hoosier (and sexual deviant) scott “lionheart” blevins any day of the week.

    “those cops are out to get me! It’s their fault I’m always getting shitfaced drunk and taking my dick out in front of school children!”

  • Higgz

    In all fairness to this promotion, I’ve done ring announcing gigs for small-town promotions and they often have several fighters pull out the day before the fight (often when they see the guy they’re fighting!).

    This leaves them with a holes to fill or to forfeit all the money they’ve put in to promoting the show and booking a venue.

    So, what do they do? They offer the money to the first person who can get their board shorts out of their Rubbermaid bin marked “swimwear” and borrow a cup from someone (Yup, I’ve seen guys shove a cup down into some compression shorts because they didn’t have board shorts or a jock strap!).

    Those fighters tend to get scared crapless once they shut the cage door–although usually they perform a little better than this dude!

    It’s unfortunate, but that’s the life of the small time promoter.