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It won’t make up for the crapola of 147 & 149, but UFC 150 looks worth the cost

If you threw down your heard-earned dollars for UFC’s 147 and 149, tough luck. That $50 could have been better spent on a host of other activities: a romantic dinner for two at Denny’s, a rub ‘n tug at a particularly randy massage parlor, heck even a nice body cavity search would have been preferable than paying for those suck-ass events. Luckily though, UFC 150 is approaching, and with a lightweight championship rematch going down between Ben “Smooth” Henderson and Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, as well as a co-main event of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs Melvin “Fuck All That Jiu Jitsu Shit” Guillard, this is an event worth throwing down $50 for.

Rounding out the main card is Jake Shields, who is attempting to make a home for himself at middleweight against the indelible Ed Herman, and Yushin Okami will take on some dude named Buddy Roberts, who stepped up to replace Rousimar Palhares, (who by karmatic decree sustained a knee injury in training), who had stepped up to replace Luis Cane. The injury bug is still biting, so let’s hope the main event doesn’t get got because we desperately need some stinkin’ bang for our buck here.

This baby goes down on August 11th from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. What that means is that Goldberg will mention the “altitude” about 48 times throughout the event, or whenever a fighter so much as takes a deep breath. Even if it’s in the final round of a grueling battle, Goldy will unquestionably say something about the freakin’ altitude.

  • voice of reason

    Obligatory ‘bendo won that fight it wasn’t even close now STFU frankie ‘the answer is point-fighting and running around so u look like you’re winning’ edgar fans’

  • Symbul

    Thanks, vor. Now I don’t have to say it.

    We’ll probably get an Edgar robbery decision or another draw or some shit, just to clog up the division even more.

  • glassjawsh

    lost me at crapola

  • bosswell

    My girlfriend punches harder than Jake Shields.

  • iamphoenix

    way too many rematches for this belt. this is the tenth straight one. BOOOO

  • Oontyex

    Agree, rematches should be for the super rare occassions only – draws and clear robberies (like lyoto-shogun).

    LW division title has suffered from cooling off the excitement around the top guys.

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