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It’s a bad time to be Dana White’s ‘enemy’

If you needed a reminder why ALL MMA UNDER DANA ‘CESAR’ WHITE might not always be a good thing, how about this: if you happen to get on his bad side like, say, CagePotato did, you’ll find yourself effectively blackballed from the sport:

Got some bad news, folks. Our grand plans to bring love, positivity, and a punch-machine to the Toronto UFC Fan Expo (April 29-30, Direct Energy Centre) have been officially shot down by the UFC top brass.

We should have seen this coming. After UFC president Dana White personally promised to ruin us following our leak of Arianny Celeste‘s Playboy photos, has been blocked from all UFC media events, most notably the MMA legalization press conference at Madison Square Garden in January. (We were initially approved for attendance by MSG organizers, but then told we had been vetoed “due to a recent leaked magazine cover.”)

This is the explanation that one of the UFC Fan Expo organizers e-mailed us, regarding why CagePotato would not be welcome at the Direct Energy Centre:

“Our contact from the UFC emailed us last night saying they have an issue with Cage Potato. She went and spoke with Dana about the situation, and he asked that we please cancel their involvement in the Expo. He said if they ask why, we can tell them, “We thought they were cool, then we spoke with Dana and found out they weren’t.”

Fightlinker was one of the few sites to actually cover Dana White’s initial declaration that he was going to fuck Cage Potato – way to go MMA media for sticking up for one of your own! Hopefully some other sites might actually bring this up now since it kinda illustrates an important concern now that the UFC’s got this monopoly thing going. I dunno if making noise will result in any changes, but it’s kinda sorta important to show that we don’t like it when he acts like a megalomaniac douchebag.

  • frickshun

    Ryan, are you fucking kidding me?? If Arianny was one of my employees & this happened, I would do the exact same thing. I guess I’m lucky that my boss would stick up for me if I got shafted.


  • G Funk

    Yeah, it’s messed up wha they did to that poor girl…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Cagepotato wants to earn ad revenue off of access to the people he fucked-over? It’s one thing to bootleg something that you can’t afford, but profiting over shorting someone else’s work/IP is another story.

    Inconsiderate little pirate cunt.  He deserves this and a bitch-slapping session from Chute Boxe. I know yer friends, but there’s a reason you don’t post illegal videos on a site you derive income from like FL or GA. If MMA is a monopoly or not (it’s not) this deserves the same treatment as it got Sherdog in the past.

    Imagine if I posted the entire contents of the FL book online and then asked you for an interview to post on my site and a free t-shirt.

  • chim55

    yeah, I kinda think the time fits the crime here.

    What CP did in the eyes of Zuffa, was essentially cost them money, ……via theft essentially. That in of itself, ok, im cool with that, im not gonna wish eternal damnation on them, ……but to be peeved at the UFC not wanting to do business with them afterwards reeks of , ……well.,……reekyness.

  • FiveBoltMain

    WTF is CP crying about? They leaked the PB pics and ofcourse the UFC is going to get mad about it. You can’t leak copyrighted material and expect the company that you screwed over to welcome you with arms wide open.

  • subo

    Sorry, Ryan – CP fucked up.

  • Dum.Dum

    Can’t feel bad for CP here. It’s cool if you’re a random blogger leaking pics, but if you’re going to say you’re real media company… you should act accordingly.

    P.S. The pictures weren’t all that.

  • Nachtfalter

    No offense, but who cares about Cage Potato? Sherdog doesn’t get UFC access either and they are the biggest MMA website around. And Fightlinker is the most awesome MMA site around and has no access…

    By the way, Cage Potato should be ashamed for the leaked pictures. Not the fact they leaked them, of course, but the piss poor quality ;)

  • iamphoenix

    don’t care.

  • Reverend Clint

    i think DW is pissed cause Arianny looked kinda goofy in some of those pics

  • Marley Marl

    I love CP and its the reason why I found the FL site but what were they thinking when they posted up all those nudes.

  • G-ranical

    Of all the things you should be paid for, showing off your beautiful naughty bits is one. Screw those CP guys. What they did was illegal and wrong and they’re lucky they’re not being sued(and if they are, good).

  • Cristiane

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