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Those with meth and a good cable package are in for a treat this weekend! Starting at 10PM tonight is an MMA-fest the likes of which has never been seen before. Things kick off at 10pm for Titan Fighting on HDNet, where Brett Rogers will see if he’s capable of beating up men as he faces off with Eddie Sanchez (remember him?). Then at 11pm on Showtime it’s Strikeforce Challengers, featuring Jason High, Lorenz Larkin, and Ryan Couture. Insert a 2 hour break for more meth and at 3AM we go back to HDNet where DREAM.17 kicks off.

That should take us through to noon, and then … MORE METH! You’ve got time to kill until 5:30PM EST when the UFC 135 Facebook prelims kick off. If you really wanna get crazy you can also stream Bellator prelims at the same time starting at 7pm on Spike’s website. Then it’s UFC prelims on Spike at 8 and the UFC 135 PPV at 9. If you’re a brokeass, you can just tune into MTV2 instead for Bellator 51 featuring Joe Warren, Wilson Reis, and the more talented Beebe brother, Chase.

Throughout all of this the Fightlinker chat will be open for your blabbing pleasures. Drop in anytime for lonely computer MMA watching with other friendless wonders! It’ll be awesome!

  • lukustra

    five cards, probably around 60 fights, and hardly a matchup im looking forward to. sad fight weekend.

  • CAP

    Get hyped. This interview will help. Rampage is a little crabby when doing interviews and cutting weight. Good stuff.

  • lukustra

    Well obviously the Rampage/Bones fight is interesting enough, although my distaste for that douche Jones will put a sour taste in my mouth after he (most likely) beats down Rampage.

  • lukustra

    at least theres the possibility of Kos ending Hughes career to look forward to.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’ll only be able to catch a 135 replay on Sunday at my buds house, but this is so awesome.  I wish I had more free time to take-in this much sweaty, glistening, man-on-man action.

  • Danjo

    Looking forward to watching Kostco get fucked up by father time.

    Bones will put Rampage to bed and tuck him in safe and sound. Nighty night, chain man.

    I want Dan Hornbuckle in one of the UFC’s new lightweight divisions. Dude is fun to watch.

  • CAP

    Wow the ESPN interview says Rampage had a million dollar training camp. Damn.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^ it was all gold chains and coke

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I think that’s just BS from his Muscle Pharmacist sponsors.  That’s probably the cost of their new gym.

    Can’t wait for this fuckin’ fight anyway.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Doubt he’d spend more on his training camp than he’s going to get paid.

  • lukustra

    million dollar training camp? was he snorting gold dust and lifting diamonds? i call bs.

  • 32hunter

    so dude who beat Varner was a gay porn star.

    [QUOTE=Jackson81;6196692]Apparently he’s gay


    I couldn’t google his name without gay coming up.[/QUOTE]