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JackalTV: Bill Goldberg is #1

(ABOVE) Bill Goldberg – The best announcer in the universe: Whoever ‘hiostaja’ is, my hat is off to him. Well, it would be if I wore a hat. Unfortunately I have a strange skin condition that causes my scalp to flake if there’s fabric against it. So I’m not really able to wear a hat. BUT if I COULD, I would take it off. For this is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen ripping apart a commentator in the history of the internet.

UFC Knockouts: The ying to Pride’s yang, there really aren’t enough UFC knockout highlight videos out there. Probably because the UFC’s lawyers are ASSHOLES.

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Ricardo Morais: Lil Fedor was just toying with this guy till he steps in and puts his fucking lights out.

The “MMA Girls” have competition: Well, not really. Plus: Smaller pants. Same dippy accent. Minus: Worst music in the world, makes my penis invert into my body. TERRIBLE TECHNIQUE. While I’m still 50/50 on if the MMA Girls are a sham, I’m 10000% sure these girls have nothing to do with BJJ other than for a paycheck.

Gigantor women wrestling: Speaking of things that make my penis invert into my body, here’s some female body builders wrasslin’. And speaking of things that make clitorises grow into little penises: Steroids.

Little Dog MMA: If you liked bugfights, then you’ll love annoying little dog fights. Oh wait, no you won’t. Like me, you’ll just watch this till the end to see if the dogs end up savaging the baby a foot away from the action. I’ll leave you in suspense.

Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan: It’s only round three, but it’s still a great round from a fight that was my pick for Fight of the Year backin 2006. Let’s hope David Bielkheden is lying about not bothering to watch film on Sanchez. Not only is it smart to understand your opponent, but the dude’s got some pretty damned good fights.

‘THE’ UFC Highlight: If you’ve ever been to a live UFC, you’ve seen this video played on the big screen between fights to pump the crowd up.

Wing Chun for everyday situations: Yeah, everyday if everyday you’re attacked by bat wielding men who ALSO use wing chun. Watch this, and then tell me what your thoughts are on wing chun as a martial art.

Nogueira Highlight: Great Big Nog highlight set to classical music showing him subbing everyone out and whuppin their asses.

Griffin vs Bonnar 1: The classic slugfest that was voted ‘The most important moment in UFC history’ by the UFC.

All the videos embedded after the jump!

UFC Knockouts

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Ricardo Morais

The “MMA Girls” have competition

Gigantor women wrestling

Little Dog MMA

Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan

‘THE’ UFC Highlight

Wing Chun for everyday situations

Nogueira Highlight

Nogueira neww
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Griffin vs Bonnar 1

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    Wing Chun sucks. I did it for four years.

    That UFC highlight was niiiice…. The Who went perfectly with it.

  • natureboy

    The tap. LOL.


    I hate that Griffin vs. Bonnar fight so much. If either one of them had anything like KO power it wouldn’t have been a slugfest at all. I guess I have to appreciate its place in history though.

  • operator

    Goldberg is jackass you can see that he has little respect for the fighters. Seemed like he was out to put himself over more than the guy who just won the fight. Even Tank didn’t want anything to do with him and I wonder what he said to piss off Kimbo after the fight was over. They should can his roid monkey ass.

  • Geoffr0y

    Those might be the three ugliest dogs I’ve ever seen.
    What?… The third one was a baby?… Well, I stand by my statement.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Cute baby…

  • Akabusi

    VERY cute baby…
    Was it Big John’s asian lovechild?

  • zeke

    They’re probably going to eat those dogs……… did you see that baby licking his lips?

  • Kalak

    Good thing they didn´t attack the baby…even though I kinda hoped they would.

    Wing Chung, like all TMA´s, sucks. They can´t do their shit against a resisting opponent, it´s all show.

  • Jemaleddin

    The Who makes everything better.

  • Jemaleddin

    Oh, and Wing Chung: Not as fake as Chi Fighting or Aikido, but still pretty dumb.

  • kentyman

    Everybody Wing Chun tonight.

    That “UFC Knockouts” video wasn’t all UFC highlights.