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JackalTV: Destruction

(Above) Destruction: A nice newish highlight featuring people getting destroyed. Starts out with some classics and then hits up a lot of the more recent brutalization.

TCM Returneth: I have no idea what the hell this is about, but it’s certainly entertaining.

Ken Shamrock Meth Madness: We posted this up before but it got taken down in minutes. If that last video wasn’t retardo enough for you, this one should top you up.

TaeKwonDo: A short highlight of decent TaeKwonDo kicks.

Randy Couture new interview: Blah blah blah blah same crap as usual. But it’s new.


  • Ganjo Tentsuku vs Takashi Nakakura (Shooto Tradition)
  • Carlos Newton vs Bob Gilstrap

TCM Returneth

Ken Shamrock Meth Madness


Randy Couture new interview

Ganjo Tentsuku vs Takashi Nakakura (Shooto Tradition)

Carlos Newton vs Bob Gilstrap

  • nephildevil 3

    wtf was that tcm and meth shit!!? lol

  • x5BoltMainx

    Those two guys swinging like there’s no tomorrow is beautiful. Neither one of them was backing down.

  • DannyP72

    You should see the rest of the fight. 8 minutes or so of Inoue getting his brain rearrnaged on the floor.

  • scorchamatic

    tcm>jeff sherwood’s fat ass. true story.

  • godzillad

    Fuck TCM, W/W 4 Lyfe

  • scorchamatic

    tcm pwns. anybody that spells life as “lyfe” can suck a big cock.

  • godzillad

    Anybody banned from Sherdog after 2007 is a retard anyway. Can’t even commit to a good banning, what pussies….

  • piedra

    TCM pwnz

  • scorchamatic

    i’m not one to gossip, but i once heard sherwood sucked a cock for a half of a reuben and a barenaked ladies c.d.

  • fightlinker

    What, pray tell, is TCM all about?

  • godzillad

    There was basically a #chan on the forums called W/W. It got shut down and they made their own site. Their own site mostly full of retards.

  • nephildevil 3

    “Their own site mostly full of retards.” jumping around on meth no doubt :D

  • Allah Ackbar

    Like Ken Shamrock, I’ll paint your car for $5.

    And for the Canadians, Jake and Ryan, your bicycle, environmentally healthy pussy mobile, or whatever the fuck you Canucks ride around in.

  • JackalAss

    We all drive moose up here. They’re the only creatures capable of withstanding the deadly cold.

    Betcha all the meth is Russia you can’t replace the engine on my 1990 Moose.

  • Jester

    TCM got thrown off the net for forum raiding Sherdog which also resulted in mass bannings of off topic posters, but the fat fucks over at the Dog don’t realize that TCM is always watching, and the rebirth will only bring chaos.

  • clint notestine

    “There are ghosts in my MMMMIIIINNNNDDDD!!!!!” That gets me every time.

  • piedra

    godzillad you’re a little bitch, sir

  • Jemaleddin

    That’s why I come to this site: sure, the articles are okay, but it’s the insightful comments that seal the deal. It’s like a more aggressive Youtube…

  • jackal-matt

    So is TCM like fightsport?

  • Jester

    No TCM is an off-shoot MMA forum made up of people who got banned from Sherdog’s Off-Topic forum.