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JackalTV: Gina shows you what NOT to do

(Above) Gina Carano and Master Toddy on MMA Rules: This is a fun little video of ‘back in the day’ when Gina was the next big thing in women’s MMA. And you totally see why – she’s got ‘it’, that charisma and look you need to be a freaking superstar.

All the other videos are embedded after the jump!

Satoko Shinashi vs. SACHI: Here’s the women’s finals for the DEEP tournament last weekend. There’s also a bunch of other fights from that show on youtube as well.

Jake Shields gets hazed: Cesar Gracie is always doing this kind of shit when he gives someone a belt. When Nick Diaz got his black belt they beat him with sticks. Sooner or later someone will die and Tom Cruise will ask Cesar “Who ordered the Code Red???”

UFC 83: GSP vs Serra 2 trailer: I wonder if the guy doing the voice on these does a new “Only on PPV” every ad, or if they just re use the same sample every event.

Mickey’s / UFC Ring Girl Anne Rivera photoshoot: Listen to Anne Rivera blab on and on about absolutely nothing for ten minutes while in her underwear. Score.

Anderson Silva “Dominance” Highlight: For those of you who think Dan Henderson is going to win, here’s your reality check!

Ryan Ford vs Pete Spratt: If you missed the controversy at last weekend’s MFC, here’s the whole fight. You can decide for yourself if Spratt was winning up to the point where Ford sucker punches him.

Ryan Jimmo vs. Craig Zellner: Another fight from the MFC card, here’s a one sided beating.

Satoko Shinashi vs. SACHI

Jake Shields gets hazed

UFC 83: GSP vs Serra 2 trailer

Mickey’s / UFC Ring Girl Anne Rivera photoshoot

Anderson Silva “Dominance” Highlight

Ryan Ford vs Pete Spratt

Ryan Jimmo vs. Craig Zellner

  • Wu Tang

    Wow… Spratt got fucked over… I cant bear to watch after the first clip. He wasnt winning on the score card (got taken down 2 times) but for was dazed after a few flurries and Dean didnt putthem in half guard when ford deliburtly stayed between teh ropes. Spratt was going to finish the fight if it was still on the ground that kick was massive from spratt. If it played out that Dean did is job like h was suppose to, Spratt would have gotten that round. Ford held on to the shorts more than once, -minus 1 point. So yeah, Spratt got fucked over.

  • dan

    no doubt silva is one of the very best but i will be going for hendo, 3r round ref stoppage

  • Tanner

    tell me you wouldn’t lay the pipe to Gina. come on, that dude was loving every minute of it. That being said i’d let her wet willie me too

  • Omomatta

    So, can Gina show why a donkey punch is illegal? Is there somewhere that I can write in and request that?

  • Hywel Teague [Fighters Only Magazine]

    lol did you see Toddy’s man corset?

  • fightlinker

    oooh baby … he’s fat

  • dubside

    Why are all of these videos no longer available?

  • fightlinker

    They all still work for me … might just be a youtube glitch at the moment

  • Gina’s boy toy

    Nice clip of Gina. Have to watch her hands when she goes in between your legs there!

  • jackal-matt

    I miss the old “skinny” Gina. I’d still fuck a fatty Gina.

  • Gina’s boy toy

    I would say Gina is more like thick rather than fat.