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JackalTV: John Hackleman will take your order

Not a whole lot of videos up today. Statistically speaking, I have no idea why some days are great and others are shit. But today there was nothing but a bunch of goofballs beating on eachother in their backyards, plus these nuggets of goodness:

(ABOVE)John Hackleman asks tough questions: User #1 Jackal pointed me towards John Hackleman’s Youtube page where he asks a whole bunch of fighters hard hitting questions regarding eggs and toast.

Other videos embedded below after the jump!

Kimura Arm Snap: My question is if that was the bone snapping, or the sound of something popping out of it’s joint? Funny sound though.

Gina Carano on American Gladiators: This shit just makes me cry. Why anyone would walk away from MMA for a carnival attraction like American Gladiators is beyond me. I ‘get’ doing it for money. But to abandon us? FOR SHAME!

Ernesto Hoost Highlight: As with most K1 highlights, this is full of hardcore kicks to the face. If only K1 events were as good as the highlights.

Kimura Arm Snap

Gina Carano on American Gladiators

Ernesto Hoost Highlight

  • Vale Nada

    ….Talking smack behind his back.

  • Zane

    I think that just might be the nastiest dislocation ever, the Kimura attacks a joint so that why. I could easily be wrong…

  • Dangerfield

    John Hackleman seemed kinda apathetic.

  • dubside

    Ouch. Stupid white belts. Shitty ref.

  • fightfan

    That bone snap or if it was just dislocated…..either way that was some nasty shit. Gotta love tough it though. Turns my stomach, but no doubtedly will watch again

  • MacDaddy

    Check out this awesome Anderson Silva gem I found floating around in the youtube menu:

  • Hattori Hanzo

    Gina looks BIG. I guess those times we saw her in the cage she was dehydrated.

  • fightlinker

    no weight classes on AG

  • FTRO

    That kimura video….FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK me with a cactus that hurt just looking at it.



  • Millertime

    should of tapped

  • P W

    I just threw up after watching that kimura video. Ref, stop the fight when you notice that one guy is about to get SERIOUSLY injured, but is too stupid to notice it by himself.

  • catch

    I love how GSP’s favorite movie is “tree undred”

  • cyphron

    It’s not for the money. She doesn’t have to cut weight on American Gladiator. She’s doing for the burgers and fries.

  • ttt

    wow … hoost was laying it into Cro Cop

  • Gina’s boy toy

    I think Gina’s doing AG for the money and spot light as well. Your avg person doesn’t watch MMA or Showtime as much as NBC. Which is good for her. Now if we can get her back to MMA soon.