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JackalTV: Kim Couture’s MMA debut

As promised, here’s footage from Kim Couture’s amateur MMA debut last weekend. it’s only highlights, but you do get to see enough to know that Kim’s strength is in her standup, she’s weak defending hip tosses and trips, and she’s not so good on the bottom. Now that you know her strengths and weaknesses, go my monkeys! Find her and defeat her!

  • Higgz

    “Winner by Cornrow…”

  • x5BoltMainx

    Now we’re monkeys? My head hurts :( Can we go back to being jackals?

    Roxy vs Kim would seriously kick ass. They both like striking & we would all like Roxy to rock her world.

  • clint notestine

    Its a good thing Randy is good at “ground ‘n Pound”.

  • Bling Crosby

    Yeah it’d be cool until Roxy is arrested for manslaughter.

  • Gina’s boy toy

    Damn didn’t know that Kims arms looked so long like that. Either way the fight didn’t look bad.

  • penxv

    My girlfriend would fucking crush Kim Couture.

  • jackal-matt

    The punch like girls. Shitty fight.