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JackalTV: Paul Daley

Above: Paul Daley HL

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Paul Daley Cage Rage HL: Some of his older fights


  • Daley vs Morgan
  • Daley vs Shields
  • Daley vs Ludwig

Cage Rage HL

Daley vs morgan

Daley vs Shields

Daley vs Ludwig

  • Nghiem

    Josh never fails to make a fool of himself when tailnkg. The guy wins a few fights in a row and all of a sudden he thinks he can take the belt away from GSP. We clearly saw the difference with respect to thier abilities, skill level, strategies, strenghts and techniques. GSP outclassed him in every possible way. I think it is official now, Koscheck has lost 2x to GSP, which means he shouldn’t get another shot at the title as long as GSP has it and therefore should shut the @#$# up and go away.

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  • nametags

    Very energetic article, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?