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JackalTV: She’s a screamer

At last Saturday’s Bellator 43 card, Jay Hieron squeaked out an uninspiring split decision over Rick Hawn to win the Season 4 welterweight tournament, handing Hawn his first professional loss.  Plus, former WEC 135-lb champ Chase Beebe earned a spot in next season’s bantamweight tourney (and his first non-bushleague win since 2007) by subbing Season 3 semifinalist Jose Vega in the first round.

I know, compelling shit, right?  Bellator events seem to swing back and forth between fairly awesome (like when a Freire brother is involved) and total meh-fests, and you know it was one of the latter when you realize the above clip was pretty much the highlight of the evening.  Here we see Season 2 middleweight runner-up and recent leukemia survivor Bryan Baker knock out poor Joe Riggs in the second round, then propose to his banshee of a girlfriend right there in the cage.  Yes, that’s her squealing like a goddamn balloon in the background, much to the delight of those sitting near her.  Sweet Baby Hey-Zeus, for his sake I hope she’s into ballgags.

  • glassjawsh

    still not as bad as the wailing banshee rashad is married to

  • agentsmith

    I dunno man, this chick almost went ultrasonic.

  • Slappy san

    I think she killed Baker’s sister or mom’s eardrums. See her fall to the ground?

  • thingvolds

    white chick is marrying a black dude huh? im sure her father is really proud.

    just sayin

  • Komodo

    @ jawsh… seriously man.

  • glassjawsh

    mother fuckin cat!!

  • unclefesterdanawhite

    Did some well-endowed black guy impregnate one of your previous girlfriends or something?