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JackalTV: UFC 109 Geriatric Showdown

Above: Frankie Edgar, Alison from Attack of the Show, Josh Gross and Chris Ligori talk about UFC 109 on … FOX NEWS?

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Tim Hague Highlight Reel: He is fighting tonight… hope its good

Demian Maia Highlight: Come watch him roll with sweaty dudes


  • Hague vs Petkovic
  • Guillard vs Defranco
  • Davis vs Wall

Tim Hague Highlight Reel:

Demian Maia Highlight:

Hague vs Petkovic

Guillard vs Defranco

Davis vs Wall

  • DyDy

    It depends on where you go. Some gyms prjoect different environments. I live next to Jacksons, the #1 MMA gym in the country, and there simply isn’t room for n00bs. They do not care about you, unless you are a pro fighter. So some places are fast paced like that. Others are made for people that are n00bs to MMA. So don’t give up, just try out different gyms. Other places you will find will be more helpful and cater to new people.

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