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January/February to be just a little busy

You’ll never hear me complaining about too many UFC events, but I will complain that they’re not always spaced out the best. Case in point:

  • UFC 80: RAPID FIRE – 01/19/2008
  • UFC Fight Night: Swick vs Burkman – 01/23/2008
  • UFC 81: BREAKING POINT – 02/02/2008

For those of you without a flair for dates, that’s three events in the span of 15 days. And don’t forget that the WEC is scheduled to have an event in February as well. And of course there’s also the Bob Sapp Strikeforce event on the 23rd of February. And whatever EliteXC is up to at the time.

Long story short, there’ll be more MMA than you can shake a stick at! Which is totally awesome so long as we don’t have another two month drought like we did in 2007. I still have nightmares thinking back to those long nights in May and June where I actually contemplated WATCHING IFL BATTLEGROUND! I’d rather be stuck on top of a mountain being forced to eat the bodies of my comrades than go through that again.

  • kentyman

    Rapid Fire. Get it?

  • fightlinker

    *fog horn*

  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    Worst main event ever, Josh THE PEOPLE’S WARRIOR Burkhole vs Mike I’M DUMB FOR SWITCHING WEIGHT-CLASS Slick. I think I’d rather watch Matt Hughes read the bible for 15 minutes than see this fight.

  • stellar53

    IMO Burkman vs. Swick is an awesome fight…..has a lot of potential to have a nasty ko or be a really good 3 round fight

  • Xavier

    You made it through IFL Battleground? Holy shit.

    People think you’re hardcore for the wrong reasons. THAT is the right reason.

  • vess

    UFC fight nights are the best. Little eager beavers trying to prove themselves on national TV.

  • RL Dookiefuck

    I’ll shake my stick at MMA if I goddamn please.