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Japan jerks Tim Sylvia around for the second year in a row

While we here in America celebrate CHRISTmas (and identify the Fallen by those who dare say “Happy Holidays”), the people of Japan are celebrating something a bit different. It’s a relatively new tradition called 巨人をだまし, loosely translated to The Screwing Over of The Giant Goof.

Here’s how it works: every year DREAM calls Tim Sylvia up and tells them he’s going to fight on their NYE card. And then they pull the football out from under him a week or two beforehand and he’s stuck with a messed up Christmas / New Years because he was expecting to be training and in Japan. That’s what happened last year and now it’s happening again:

Just two days after being released from jail in Minnesota, Brett Rogers got the news that in all probability his upcoming fight for Dream was off.

Booked for a fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia on New Year’s Eve in Japan, Rogers won’t receive a visa and won’t be able to enter the country for the fight. Sources close to the fight confirmed the news to late Wednesday.

The now lack of opponent means that Sylvia will drop off the card, sources told Heavy.

Of course, most of us find this news extremely satisfying because screw Brett Rogers that wife beating POS. But what did poor Timmay ever do to deserve this kind of treatment? He even agreed to this fight after the screwjob he got last year. We’re all in agreement that a trip to the dentist is more pleasant than a Tim Sylvia fight, but disconnect your emotions for a second and look at how DREAM treats fighters. All I want for Christmas is a major Japanese MMA organization that isn’t full of sketchy dickbags.

  • CAP

    Poor Timmay he seemed like a good fit for the japs.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Why doesn’t he fight Semmy for the LankyWeight championship?

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • pewnt



  • glassjawsh

    the got their gaijin fight with fedor

    so timbo got left out in the cold

    I’d feel sorry for him if he actually took things like training and fighting seriously

  • agentsmith

    Funny part is a rematch with Fedor would be a WAY more legit fight than that judo guy.  On paper.  Probably end just as fast though.

  • Letibleu

    Who is Fedor? Was he one of the hobbits?

  • Reverend Clint

    hes the fat one with the weak chin