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Jason wasn’t allowed to wear his mask

Now we know why Rony Jason always wears his mask into the ring: it’s to keep you from seeing him weeping like a little girly. Unfortunately, the UFC’s draconian No Fun Policy struck again and Rony wasn’t allowed to wear it at UFC 147. Someone even reached over and pulled it off his face when he tried to sneak it on! Jason talks about the mojo-sapping incident:

“Today was the happiest day of my life, but it was also the saddest,” he told ( “I’ve carried with me this Jason mask since my first fight. And for the first time, in my dream – which was to fight in the UFC – I wasn’t allowed to walk in with the mask.

“So I became a bit sad. I even lost some of the focus for my fight. But thanks to God, I had excellent cornermen: Patricio (Freire), Bruno Machado and Everaldo (Penco). They brought me to reality. Jason is not in the mask. He’s inside of me. So I apologize if my fight wasn’t pleasant. I promise that the next ones will be.”

Count Dana White amongst those who thought it was unpleasant. After the event he had this to say:

“I didn’t like it at all. … These guys were running around signing autographs all day. I think they got a little caught up in the hype. Guess what? You’re not in the UFC yet. Come out and perform. If you look at The Ultimate Fighter in the U.S. every season, usually the finale is the best fight of the season. These guys come out and they go for it. I think because the arena was packed and these guys felt like rockstars all week, they were coming out singing and dancing and s— like they already had world titles.”

I dunno, maybe – just maybe – the UFC shouldn’t mess with a dude’s pre-fight ritual or put them on trial for looking too happy on their way into the fight of their lives?

  • ButtHorn

    I think Dana really is losing his balance.

    He’s acting more like the “get off my lawn” old man then someone involved in an entertainment business.

  • Miha

    I don’t understand this. Also Cro Cop wasn’t allowed to take the Japanese flag to one of his fights (as a tribute for the earthquake). What reason does the UFC have to prevent this?

  • Savageless

    Looks like someone tries to grab it off him at the end of the gif too.  Dickish behaviour all around.

  • Reverend Clint

    if you need a mask to win… maybe you suck

  • Fightlinker

    yep some fat dude comes up and takes it off him, camera cuts away before it’s pulled off.

  • Rob

    The last thing the UFC needs is fighters showing personality or having fun entrances.  That might get them fans, after all.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^or if they lose “hey look its the guy who wears a gay mask and sucks”

  • ButtHorn

    If you lose you lose!

    I dont see how costuming conflicts with that?

    Or for that matter how does a guy like Vanderlei who Generally loses, stay employed?

    Because he attracts fans?

    Make up your mind Dana balance…

  • ButtHorn

    I mean there is a chance that someone could make a “tiger mask”,
    that could be transferred between promotions and fighters and UFC couldn’t keep a thumb on it.

    But the Jason/Detroit Mask is already well known.

    UFC isn’t getting a copy write on that more then anyone else.

    Thats open source, and just being a prick!

  • Letibleu

    jacque plante mask to me

  • iamphoenix

    fuck you dana white

  • noiseless

    dana white is so cool

  • Giallo

    there just being pussies about maybe getting sued by the friday the 13th guys

  • Reverend Clint

    but they stole that mask from old school hockey

  • Giallo

     Jacques Plante should have put a patent on that bitch then. Maybe he did, I’m too lazy to look it up though.

  • frickshun

    All of the Brasil fighters should have worn Dana Blanco masks.