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Jennito finito?

As lovey dovey as Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson try to appear most of the time, they’ve got some serious issues. Remember that time Jenna pretended Tito beat her up because he freaked out about her doing Oxycontin? Yeah, that was fun. Now it seems like the couple has run into another rough patch, but at least the police aren’t involved this time. Yet.

  • CAP

    Who knew a relationship with one of the biggest cum guzzlers eva wouldn’t work out? (I’m talking about Jenna fyi)


    Guess what he meant to say was that he’s done with twitter.

    Check his next message:

  • CAP

    Whadda choad.

  • Danjo

    I would stull hit that shit like Clint hits his mother. I would just do it with an ever so slight *sigh*, wishing it was the Jenna of 2000 and not 2011.

  • P W

    “I’m out” perhaps means “out of the UFC” or “out of MMA entirely”. That’d be great. Or maybe it means “pulling out of Jennas gaping snatch”.

  • glassjawsh

    if i had to choose between following tito ortiz on twitter and gay butt sex, I’d have to think long and hard (heh) about the butt sex option

  • G Funk

    ^ Gay