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Jens Pulver answers the Call of Duty

Even though I can no longer claim to be a gamer (they lost me when they stuck more than one directional pad on the controller), I’m still happy to see that gaming companies have realized MMA fans are the perfect people to target. I just about peed my panties when they announced the first hour of UFC Fight Night 11 was going to be commercial free thanks to a generous grant by the World of Warcrack foundation. Then they played a 15 minute World of Warcraft ‘spotlight’ and I was less happy. But the point is, I’ll take cool ass gaming commercials over those hokey Taco Bell and CastrolGT ads any day of the week.

Further evidence of coolness from gaming advertisers comes in the form of interesting events, such as the one coming up this weekend where Jens Pulver is going to be playing Call of Duty this Saturday from 9pm to 11pm. Hmmm … wait. I’m pretty sure there’s something else most MMA fans might be up to at that time. These game companies might have ‘cool’ down but they might want to look at a calendar next time they set something like this up.

Anyways, here’s Jens talking about his gaming obsession:

“I’ve been playing the Call of Duty game for about five years, or six years, if not more,” said Pulver. “I play. That’s what I do. I game, so they asked if I wanted to get a game with them and I said absolutely. I get to play the Xbox 360 and get down there and mingle with people. I’m loving it.”

Sponsored by Activision and Call of Duty 4 for his fight with Cub Swanson and for his upcoming title bout with Urijah Faber, it’s a perfect fit for Pulver who’s been an avid PC gamer for years.

“I’ve always played PC, so I’m learning how to play on the Xbox with the controller and everything. I’ve always been a keyboard and mouse guy,” stated Pulver.”

On the PC, Pulver is level 55 on Call of Duty 4. He admitted, “On the Xbox I’m COD4JensPulver and I’m only level 22 right now, but I’m trying to get him up there.”

I was a console gamer till they added 500 extra buttons and triggers and d-pads to the joystick. Then I was a PC gamer until they started coming out with video cards that cost more than my whole computer setup cost. Now my mom keeps harassing me to play Wii Sports with her and I just tell her “Why don’t you go outside and play, it’s a beautiful day out there.” I don’t think she catches the irony.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    I had to read it a second time to “catch the irony”.

  • Atom

    Yeah, whats with the timing?

  • garth

    i’m suspicious of jens actually playing, and not watching fights while some rented chinese kid plays for him

  • twankydawg

    Where’s the new comic at dickface?

  • falkofire

    come to ps3 where the real competition lies

  • Lifer

    jens used to play world of warcraft actually and was one of the most successful player vs. player afficianado’s. he was playing like 16 hours a day for 4-5 months if i remember correctly. there was a theory that he was sharing his account with someone else but he totally SQUASHED those rumors!

  • x5BoltMainx


    Enough said :D

  • kentyman

    Haven’t played this Call of Dootie, but Halo 3 is still entertaining me so I think I’ll stick with it.

  • billy one tooth

    Cod was released in 2003 so not sure why jens says he’s been playing it 6 or more years.

  • Def Claw

    Hope he goes to PS3 too that would be cool