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Jens Pulver has a fucked up family

I’ve already talked about how fucked up Jens Pulver’s life has been. But it looks like there’s always something new about his life to talk about. I have to wonder how the rest of the Pulver family feels about their shit getting all over CBS Sports and Yahoo every time Jens is about to fight. It’s not like they deserve privacy considering the situation. But most people try to keep those dirty family secrets as just that: secrets.

Not Jens, who dishes the latest dirt on his brother Dustin and his sister Jamaica (P.S to prospective parents: naming your child Jamaica = doomed from the start) :

For years the problem was his father, whose violent rampages against young Jens and his mother spurred Jens in 2003 to write a biography, Little Evil. In the past few years, however, the problem has become his other brother, Dustin.

Last month, Dustin Pulver was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a string of armed robberies, kidnapping and sexual abuse. Dustin Pulver appeared before the judge bearing one tattoo of a $100 bill and another that said, Drug Dealer. According to published reports, Dustin Pulver greeted the judge’s sentence by sneering back, “What do you want me to do, crack? Beg? I’m not going to beg you for nothing. You ain’t God.”

Jens Pulver smiles a different smile, a sad one, when he talks about his other brother.

“He’s beyond violent,” he says of Dustin. “Has he ever killed anyone? Put it like this: He never got busted for it. But he’s done some things, and he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.”

Pulver says his sister, Jamaica, also is in prison. He says she lost her kids because of drug problems. Jens’ mother has been caring for Jamaica’s kids in a location Jens won’t reveal. He says his father, the other Jens Pulver, doesn’t need to know that kind of information.

  • Cyrus

    Daaaaamn, homie! Jens’ crew be riding hard and shit on these foolz!

  • frickshun

    Holy fucking shit!! Of course I’m referring to his dumpy physique in that picture. I hope that is NOT how he looked at the weigh-ins.

    As far as his life, that is some fucked up stuff. Makes my druggie mom look like Mary fucking Poppins.

  • Jersey Tomato

    He should change his moniker to from Little Evil to Lil’ Disfunctional.

    That’s one family picnic to avoid.

  • Dru Down

    “What do want me to do, crack? Beg?”

    Saying Jens beat the odds to get to where he is has to be the understatement of the year.

  • Brian

    Just for clarification, Dustin is using the term “crack” to mean “break down” and not to mean “cocaine cooked to become crack”.


  • Vale Nada

    His mom could be a crack-whoring transexual and i wouldnt care any more than i do now.

  • Xavier

    Oddly enough, he still sucks.


    Well at least his bro Abel is cool, I met him and he is a really nice guy

  • Archivist

    Although i’ll willingly confess to needing my daily dose of jackaling on here, this particular article made me feel uneasy and a bit sad.

  • Pulver57

    I think who ever wrote this article needs to gets his facts straight…. I am Jens’s sister Jamaica…. And thats the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard….LMAO……. You guys have no idea about the real story…

  • iamphoenix

    ^lawls you’re like 5 years late on this. jens is totally playing videogames now. it’s probably because you just got out of prison. good luck getting your kids back btw.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Not to mention you’re complaining on the site that didn’t write the article you’re compla-  wait, maybe you are Jens sister.  Here’s a test: does 2 + 2 = 5?

  • Pulver57

    Never been to prision….. And I am aware of the CBS Sports article…. I am talkin about all of the extra crap whoever put this up wrote…. And my kids are with me… so, just goes to show how full of crap who ever wrote it is… But your guys’s smart remarks prove my point exactly…. My lawyer will be greatful! thanks for your ignorace! :)

  • Letibleu

    wait, 2007 to 2012… im confused?!?

  • agentsmith

    So is she.