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Jhenny Andrade is the newest UFC octagon girl


Those watching Saturday night’s UFC 163 event may have noticed a new Octagon Girl strutting herself around the cage. Jhenny Andrade is a new addition from Brazil and I think she’s a huge improvement over the original regional ring girls. Big boobs, tiny waist, and mega butt. That’s everything a Brazilian ring girl should be. Check out a gallery of her strutting her stuff over at Caged Insider.

  • Cory Braiterman

    That looks like as much fun as…

  • Rhymezbullet

    her nose is too big and she got a horrible looking tan
    would prefer something younger like 19 or 18

  • Rhymezbullet

    man just noticed that she has that fugly tatoo on her – girls with tats are so yesterday.

  • Cory Braiterman

    Could you be more bland if you tried?

    New York dudes should not be calling the shots on pretty…

    For some reason…

  • UFC Ring Girls

    Don’t judge a model on just one picture or even the shots included in the Caged Insider feature. This girl is gorgeous and has some personality. She was quite a fan favorite at UFC 163 and sure they will have her back next time they are in Brazil.

  • Rhymezbullet

    she’s too thin and too ugly
    M-1 has better skanks, so does one FC
    UFC is gettiing shitter by the day
    They cant do anything right
    they should stream thier own shit ppvs to make up for it.