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Jockying continues for the middleweight #1 contender slot

There’s been a big ol middleweight logjam up at the top of the division as Vitor Belfort, Chris Weidman, Alan Belcher and Michael Bisping all try and convince the world that they’re the one that will finally dethrone Anderson Silva. Unfortunately for them, it’s all gum-flapping as far as fans are concerned. We’re not quite convinced that any of them are ready yet, and with the champ likely taking his Anderson Silva money on vacation for a while the new focus is on which contenders will fight each other.

On that note, Vitor Belfort really wants Chris Weidman:

“Guys I spoke to joe silva and ask to fight with the top contender #weidman here in brasil so I think this is the fight that will credence me to a title fight so that is what happened.
I want the belt but I am not desperate I think weidman is the next for the belt, but Anderson silva deserve to see who is next. So let`s make this fight the next #contender belfort vs weidman the next contender for #andersonsilva”

Unfortunately, Weidman doesn’t sound like he wants Vitor:

“Love ya @vitorbelfort but you already had your shot at the belt and Im sure u will have another in the future.Rt now is my time though.”

Yeeaaaah, that’s not really how it works, Chris. Vitor may have already had his shot at Anderson, but he hasn’t had his shot at you. If you think you’re a more worthy challenger, you’ll have to prove it. Somehow. Oh if only there was a way that could be done! Some sort of contest of skills where two men compete to see who is the better fighter!

  • TheBatmanFan

    being a racist is championship material!

  • TheBatmanFan

    Although honestly,
    the only reason I dog flamderson for that is because no one acknowledges it!

    I dont really have a problem with racism.

    It dont make me none!
    It dont put no money in my pocket!

    But I’m certainly not a fan of the thought police…

  • glassjawsh

    belfort should fight belcher

  • noiseless

    weidman will soon de-hype again, and all will be normal.

  • TheBatmanFan

    “weidman will soon de-hype again,…”

    Its possible.

    Like that time that we all hung our hopes on Story, and then he just plopped.

    Weidman does have a good record though.

    You have to believe in something.

    Believe in the Lord or believe in Chris Weidman.

    (I prefer both.)

  • iamphoenix

    goddamn these buttcorn batmanfan comments are stupid ass shit. GO AWAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

  • drunkenjunk

    who the fuck put their hopes on story? nobody likes story

  • frickshun

    Ryan–>what in the mother fuck are you on about? Belfort not only had his undeserving shot (who the fuck did HE beat to get his?) but he got POSTERIZED into eternity by the 1st front kick KO in modern UFC history. Belfort should take his old man musculature that is starting to resemble Randy’s body & stick w/knocking off bloated 170 lb guys or black fatasses that need to go up TWO weight classes to make weight.