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Joe Riggs’ back!!! (it’s fucked)

If you were one of the poor souls who had to sit through the shittiness that was last Saturday’s Strikeforce card, you saw what happened to Joe Riggs: He got brutally judo tossed, which resulted in his spine exploding on impact with the mat. The fight was over before it really got started, and his expected victim Cory Devela got to do a 10 minute victory dance while medical staff carted Riggs out on a stretcher. The dance was really awesome and comprehensive … he did ‘ride the pony’, ‘moving the fridge’, ‘the mamooshka’, and even a bit of ‘bang bang cowboy’. The only one he really missed was the robot, which is really too bad because the robot rocks.

Here’s the prognosis on Riggs’ spine:

Doctors will use a procedure called Radiofrequency Denervation to heat the inside of his spinal discs, which will relieve pressure on his sciatic nerve that was aggravated by two previous back injuries.

Last April, Riggs had undergone surgery to repair a herniated disc between his L-4 and L-5 vertebrae. Then, four months ago, he broke a transverse process, a bone that protrudes from the vertebra and attaches to muscles and ligaments.

When Riggs cranked his back for the takedown, his sciatic nerve pinched against his transverse process and the afflicted vertebrae.

And here’s the prognosis on Riggs wanting to kick Cory Devela’s ass:

“I’m pulling my hair out over this thing, it’s embarrassing,” Riggs said. “I’m not trying to disrespect the guy, but he had no business beating a guy like me.”

He also has an immediate rematch clause in his contract, so more than anything, he’s looking forward to proving Devela’s win was a fluke.

“I vow my career on it; it will be a total, complete ass whooping,” Riggs said.

And a follow up:

“Make sure Devala doesn’t fight anyone else,” Riggs told Pavia in the report. “I don’t want him exposed before I smash him.”

Of course, this is all conditional on Joe’s back not falling apart on him again. And I hear backs are kinda shitty that way: once stuff starts popping out of places, it doesn’t really stop.

  • Dukes

    You know what, Riggs said the same thing when he lost to Ivan Salavary in April of 2005. I was there inn Vegas – it was Chuck/Randy II, right after the finale of TUF season 1.

    Riggs made a comment in the cage, right after the fight, something to the effect “man, I can’t believe I just lost to this guy”, etc.

    When he got tooled by Diego Fucking Sanchez, I knew the end was near for his fighting days. His injuries, however unfortunate, may end up being a blessing in disguise and forcing him to reevaluate his fighting career.

  • godzillad

    Corey should have done ”The Bus Driver”:

  • Captain

    I don’t even know who the hell Corey Devela is but I hope when they rematch he knocks out Riggs so hard Murtagh feels it!

  • #1 Jackal

    Here is the video link to the Devela/Riggs fight. It was a pretty nice toss.

    Here is another crappy video of Riggs getting carried out on a stretcher

  • dignan

    Unless he judo tosses your ass again.