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Joe Rogan hunts Sasquatch

Joe Rogan brings his OMG faces to SyFy in the first episode of his new show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

This week, Joe’s tackling a personal obsession of his: finding Bigfoot. We open with a preview, and this promises to get REAL, quick. Bigfoot eyewitnesses, night vision, human/animal hybrids, government cover-ups, a scientist wearing suspenders, another one sporting a mohawk, Sasquatch poop… and then Joe goes out into the woods himself! With stakes so high, no way Joe can trust finding Sasquatch to others.

His TRUTH SEEKING gaze is even more powerful than his face off stare!

  • drunkenjunk

    This is what happens when you smoke a shitload of DMT.

  • Shibo

    Everyone knows that Lamar Odom married sasquatch. She’s not hard to find.

  • agentsmith

    Those guys that took Rogan in the woods at the end were both hilarious and sad. “What’s that? OH MY GOD, WHAT’S THAT?!!!! Oh, it’s our own equipment that we left over there earlier.” Lulz.

  • brandonb

    drunkenjunk, You are an ignorant fool. honestly.

  • drunkenjunk

    Hey, you can believe what you want but rogan loves DMT. I like the guy but you have to be on some serious hallucinogens to believe some of the shit he spouts.

  • Diaz’s cashed bowl

    Lonely people+alcohol+BS=snipe hunt, i mean Big foot hunt

  • brandonb

    well Drunkenjunk, I appreciate your rational response. internet comments can escalate to silly bullshit all to easily. You come off as a level headed person in your brief statements. But the dmt experience, is really not something that becomes habitual or problematic in ones life. His gushing statements of joy over it could likely stem from only a handful of experiences which stand above and beyond most others in his life. It may be difficult for the uninitiated to understand,but the idea he see’s value in the experience and speaks out about it really only confirms his intelligence and spiritual maturity. really.

  • Rhymezbullet

    DMT willl burn holes un ur brain. srs. back in high school this kid started doing DMT and he would just play basketball for ever by himeself and he became real slow gnomesayin

  • Mooch

    Rhymezbullet, there’s not one comment you’ve posted that makes any sense. At first I thought you were some kid that’s just gotten into MMA but then you go ahead and say “back in high school”. Just shut the fuck up