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Jon Fitch and 15 other fighters cut from the UFC


Everyone cheered when the news came out that an assload of Strikeforce fighters would be transfered over to the UFC when their promotion folded. Not just superstars bigger names like Mousasi, Jacare, and Cormier, but guys like Nandor Guelmino, Gian Villante, and Adlan Amagov too. Good for them, but not so good for existing UFC fighters. For every action there is a reaction and the UFC is now in purge mode – they just cut sixteen (16!) fighters on Tuesday:

Former welterweight contender Jon Fitch was among the 16 UFC fighters who were released from the promotion on Tuesday. UFC president Dana White also confirmed with that the following fighters were also let go: Wagner Prado, Mike Russow, Jacob Volkmann, Vladimir Matyushenko, Che Mills, Jay Hieron, Terry Etim, Paul Sass, Jorge Santiago, Mike Stumpf, Simeon Thoresen, C.J. Keith, Motonobu Tezuka, Josh Grispi and Ulysses Gomez.

The real eyebrow raiser here for most people is Jon Fitch, who proves that being a top 10 fighter in your weightclass doesn’t keep you safe from being cut. But it makes a certain sort of sense: he’s gone 1-2-1 over his last four fights and has never been a fan favorite. And that’s a generous assessment … Dana White himself has used ‘a Jon Fitch fight’ as a synonym for ‘a boring fight’ for years now. So is it really such a surprise to see Fitch go now that he is no longer one of the top welterweights in the sport? Really, the only way this could work out better for the UFC is if Bellator signs Fitch up for one of their tournaments and they have to deal with him.

Past that, there are no huge shocks – other than the slightly disconcerting decision by the UFC to fire over a dozen guys in one brutal stroke. Will this be the end of it? Or is 375 fighters still a good 25 to 30 fighters too many?


  • SteelBreeze

    Would be funny if Fitch goes to Bellator and ends up in the most boring title fight in the history of MMA v. Askren.

  • Razzle

    Looks like he finished all over that cake.

  • kwagnuth

    I wasn’t too surprised when I read it Fitch was winning boring decision after decision all teh while bitchin and whining about not getting his title shot to teh media. I recall one of Dana’s v-blogs where rightr after one of his snoozefest fights he appolagised to Dana for not being able to finish his opponent and put on an exciting fight. Dana probably thought well what the fuck else is new. Then as he is walking away Dana was looking at him like he hated his fucin guts. He was probably complaining to the media a couple of days after he appolagised to Dana so fuck him. The only thing I will miss about a Fitch fight is being able to safely go and take a bathroom break or go makle some snacks.

  • kvelertak

    Why is he still a top 10 fighter? If not at the bottom of the top 10.

    Fuck John Fitch. I think Dana is a cunt, but watching him troll Fitch fans is worth the price of admission here.

    I LIKE IT!

  • noiseless

    thoresen needs to chug some proteins and move to MW. damnit.

  • Blackula Jonez

    The only thing better than Fitch getting cut is that both of his defeats were equally pleasing.

    Getting KO’d by Johnny Hendricks was fun to see, but seeing Maia soundly out grapple but more importantly FRUSTRATE Fitch was worth the price of the PPV, especially the 3rd round.

    Good riddance.

  • Reverend Clint

    Off to BellaBore for a fight against Askren

  • CAP

    ^You mean a “SUPERFIGHT” with Askren!!!!