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Jon Fitch needs ‘a reality check’

Jon Fitch takes a lot of crap for his boring style, and rightfully so. No one shells out hundreds of bucks on UFC tickets so they can watch a human blanket lay out a 15 minute snoozefest. It’s been interesting watching the press slowly go from giving Fitch the respect due the #2 welterweight in the world to spending entire interviews discussing his hated style and whether he’s ever gonna finish anyone. Here’s his latest response:

“A fight is a fight. We fight to find out who’s the best, whose the best style is. The whole point of UFC 1 was to find out what style was the most effective and whose is the best, and I think we’ve gotten away from just styles, you know, jiu-jitsu or boxing or whatever, and we’ve gotten into games, like what kind of game is dominant, who’s going to apply which types of pieces from each style in their game to make it dominant. And I think that’s exciting and fun to watch, and if people don’t think that’s exciting and fun to watch, then I don’t think they’re a fan of MMA. I think they’re a pro wrestling fan and I think they’re a kung fu movie fan, and that’s what they want to see. I think they want to see pro wrestling or kung fu movies, and I don’t think that we should dumb down the sport to make that small percentage of people happy. I don’t think it makes sense. I don’t like soccer, but I don’t go on forums all day and bitch and moan about how they don’t use their hands.”

You heard Fitch. The ultimate fighting style is ‘Take your opponent down and hold him there for 15 minutes.’ And you’re an ignorant tool for thinking all those other dudes in MMA using spin kicks, inverse triangles, and gogos etc are better martial artists.

Meanwhile, Dana White is serious enough about the UFC being sport and not spectacle that he still has Jon Fitch right up there in contention. But that doesn’t mean he’s ignorant of what’s really up:

“The problem with Jon Fitch is, you know, you hear this same thing from everybody about Jon Fitch. ‘If I want to fall asleep and I can’t get to sleep at night, I’ll put in a Jon Fitch fight.’ You know, and… whatever you think, Jon Fitch is one of the best 170 pounders in the world and, yes, he’s in the hunt for the title again. But everybody, I mean, find one person that will tell you that they love a Jon Fitch fight, it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever seen and they just get so excited for it. So, when you say that you have a fight like (Donald) Cerrone and (Nate) Diaz on the card and a guy with a record like [Fitch’s] is on and people aren’t jumping out of their seats for that fight, you know, I think Jon needs to have a little bit of a, you know, he’s got to be a little honest with himself and have a little bit of a reality check when he talks about stuff like that.”


  • glassjawsh

    the only fitch fight was exciting was that time gsp beat the ever loving shit out of him

  • iamphoenix

    I bet he plays skyrium in the octagon tonight just fucking laying there.

  • noiseless

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  • G Funk

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    Fitch is very good at winning. Fighting…. not so much. I certainly respect his ability to implement his style and win fights but I’m not a fan and won’t tune in to watch him fight.

    When’s the last time he finished a fight? Bet it’s been a few years. He’s the exact same fighter he was when he joined the UFC and has not evolved one bit since the GSP fight.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Fitch doesn’t seem to understand the difference between the sporting aspect and the product aspect.  People can check Wikipedia for free to see his win/loss record – but they either pay or watch advertising to get the product if it entertains them.

    Maybe he’s telling Dana he’s willing to fight for free?

    EDIT: Also, everything Short_Bus said.

  • Billytk

    What it comes down to really is that if mma is going to be “sports entertainment” then Fitch will never get a title shot or be promoted by the UFC but if mma wants to be a legitimate “sport” then Fitch must be recognized as the #2 WW in the world and the true interim champ while GSP is out. He may have a boring style but plenty of championship teams in other sports have had boring styles bottom line is he beats everyone not named GSP albeit in a very boring fashion.

  • Letibleu

    Imagine if every fighter was a Fitch and all the fights were Fitch like. Would MMA still exist as big as it is now? No. Make it exciting or take twice as long getting your title shots.\


  • DJ ThunderElbows

    but if mma wants to be a legitimate “sport” then Fitch must be recognized as the #2 WW in the world and the true interim champ while GSP is out.

    Because he beat the other 8, right?

    Holy shit Billy.


    Of course it’s “sports entertainment”. Who the hell wants to watch something that isn’t entertaining? That’s why the UFC has been so successful, they put out a product that is exciting and put on the fights people want to see.

    Fitch is not entertaining. He is predictable, dull and un-evolved. He is a one trick pony and that trick is boring as fuck. He does the same thing every time he fights: Take you down, hold you there and throw an occasional punch to keep the ref from standing the fight up. Rinse and repeat… When’s the last time he even tried to finish a fight or go for a submission? I sure as hell can’t remember.

    They can focus on the entertainment aspect and still be a seen as a legit sport without following a conventional pecking order for who gets a title shot. Fitch has shown ZERO improvement and zero desire to evolve since he last fought GSP and a rematch would be a mirror image of their first fight. I don’t want to see it and many others don’t want to see it. No chance in hell I fork over money if that guy is headlining a card.

  • Billytk

    I should point out that I’m not a fan of watching Fitch fights and have no issue with him not being pushed by the UFC or given a title shot, but then I don’t look at the UFC as a actual sport either. I look at it more as a entertainment industry then as a true sport like football, basketball, baseball, hockey etc. I enjoy the UFC as much or more then those sports but Dana has to stop claiming to be a real sport if he wants to continue to run it as a entertainment business (which as I said I enjoy just don’t pretend it’s something that it’s not)


    Someone named “Chiron” posted the following knowledge bomb on the UG.
    Pretty solid post:


    From: Chiron
    Member Since: 10/14/07
    Posts: 120
    Posted: 17 hours ago


    The UFC is trying to put in the best fighters. Fitch is good at getting decisions under the rules but he’s not really one of the best fighters. He’s lucky he’s considered as high as he is.

    Real top fighters finish opponents regularly and when they dont they are at least offering serious attempts to finish them. The only true way to win a fight is to finish the opponent. That’s it. Decisions aren’t as good. Fitch himself has said “These fights are about finishing opponents, not just outpositioning them.” and “I hate it (decisions). It’s not the point of fighting. You’re there to finish the fight.” Fitch just isn’t getting it done.

    Everyone but the pointfighting lovers realize the current ruleset is seriously flawed and most of the judges are incompetent. The UFC can’t really do much about this because of the nature of regulation of combat sports by the AC’s.

    In other sports when a competitor is winning by finding some way to alienate the rules/scoring and going against what the majority consider the spirit of the sport, those sports orgs can alter the rules to keep the spirit of the sport alive. Most sports, from pro football to collegiate wrestling, have done this. Want some examples?
    Examples of rules/aspects of the game implemented or considered for implementation for the sake of entertainment and/or to keep in the spirit of the sport:
    – The NBA instituted the shot clock because teams were trying to get a lead and then stall for the majority of the game via dribbling and passing. The rules made it hard for defensive teams to get the ball back. This was not entertaining and, though dribbling and passing are important in basketball (as control may be on MMA), focusing on them too much took away from the primary goal of basketball – putting the ball in the hoop. Dribbling and passing dont put points on the board and neither should anything to do with control, imo. The NBA instituted the shot clock and it is believed that it saved the NBA.

    – Rules against Hack-a-Shaq were considered (I dont know if theyve implemented any) (NBA)
    – Hand checking rules (NBA)
    – Introduction of zone defense (NBA)
    – 3 second violation (NBA)
    – Introduction of the 3-point line (NBA)
    – The forward pass was legalized (NFL)
    – Introduction of the two-point conversion (NFL)
    – Pass interference rules – Because players in the 1960’s and 1970’s like Kent McCloughan and Mel Blount, the NFL made it illegal to use bump and run coverage past five yards. (NFL)

    – Touchdowns have become worth more points (from 4 to 5 then 6) while field goals become worth fewer (from 5 to 4 to 3) because touchdowns were more exciting and harder. (NFL)

    – In the 70’s there were considerable rule changing to the NFL for the purpose of creating more action and make the game move faster (less contact of players downfield was allowed, offensive holding was penalized, etc.)

    – In NCAA wrestling there was no point system at first, winning was determined by a pin or time in control. EVentually that was changed to a judges decision if the match didnt end in a fall, then they changed that to a point system with 2 points for a takedown or reversal, 1 point for an escape, and 4 points for a near fall. Later the near fall was cut to 2 points. In the 60’s points for takedowns were diminished because of exploitation (taking the wrestler down adn letting the up) but were eventually changed back. (NCAA wrestling)

    – In the early days of wrestling in the NCAA to score a fall the opponent had to be pinned for 3 seconds, then a few decades later it was switched to 2 seconds, then later 1 second (NCAA wrestling). Other rules were changed because of specific wrestlers utilization of certain techniques (Riley and Kohl).

    – In hockey the NHL instituted rules in overtime so teams
    only had 4 skaters in OT, then they also gave the team that lost in overtime a point in the standings anyway to encourage teams to take more risks and go for the win. It didn’t work out quite how they hoped but their intent was to increase the entertainment of the game which SPORTS often do. (NHL)

    -Introduction of the legal forward pass in the offensive zone (hockey)

    -Institution of Shootouts to break ties (NHL)

    – Introducing the red line to create more offense (NHL)

    – Getting rid of the red line to create more scoring
    opportunities (NHL)

    – Implementation of the one goal per 2-min. penalty in hockey (put in place mainly because of the Canadiens dominance) (NHL)

    So I guess, since those sports all altered their rules over the years for the sake of entertainment and trying to keep with the spirit of the sport, that none of them are real sports either?

    The UFC doesn’t have that luxury. They can’t tweak things much to make fighters have to fight instead of be rewarded for stalling even though most fans believe it distorts the spirit of the sport and what is most important in martial arts/fighting. It’s distorted version of a fight, more than is necessary for safety reasons, and most of us agree the scoring/judging system is messed up.

    That’s benefitted Fitch greatly. We realize it. The UFC realizes it. The UFC doesn’t necessarily want people to just stand and throw haymakers at each other. What they do want is for guys to come and fight and that necessitates working hard for that finish. If it’s strikes cool. If it’s subs cool. If it’s hugging and being content to hold a good position but do little with it…most fans that want to see truer displays of martial arts skills and fighting (they are the same even though you delusional carebears refuse to see that)…most fans dont want to see what looks like something adolescents do when they’re trying to hold down and annoy their sibling but not really hurt them. That’s not what people are looking for when they tune in to see a fight.

    When is the last time Fitch was even close to sinking in a sub or was dropping serious leather on an opponent enough to think “Damn, he’s getting messed up.” His BEST case in years is against Penn but any fighter with a brain should know their far from likely to put an opponent away with arm punches because they are negligible in damage. A fighter is as likely to tire themselves out throwing them then they are to mess their opponent up enough to put the opponent away. Fitch is a good staller, not a good fighter. He doesn’t even threaten his opponents. Most of his time is focused on hugging them and throwing arm punches without even coming close to taking victory by ending his opponents. That’s his own fault.

    The UFC cant change the rules but they can encourage fighters to fight and, all things considered, Fitch is lucky he’s still considered up where he is. He has no one to blame for the criticism he receives but himself.

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    Well that’s that.

    : )

  • Letibleu

    reality check granted. AND ALL IS WELL IN THE UNIVERSE.

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    Leti taking over all the comment sections with Hendrinidas.