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Jon Fitch says PPV needs to die

Jon Fitch says PPV needs to die

Now that Jon Fitch is free of the tyranny of the UFC and their obsession with fighters that aren’t boring lay-n-prayers, he’s speaking up against certain aspects of MMA he thinks are dumb. Aspects like the PPV system:

“It’s time that we bury this dinosaur that is pay-per-view,” Fitch told Bleacher Report recently.  “It’s such a ridiculous thing that we live in 2013 and people still think that pay-per-view is still a viable and realistic form of selling anything.

“People just need to get on the bandwagon of free television.  It starts with supporting World Series (of Fighting) on June 14 on NBC Sports Network.”

“I think we’re over it.  I think it’s what killed boxing,” Fitch said.  “Because they used to show boxing—a long time ago boxing used to be on ABC Sports and stuff like that.  It was on free TV.  Like Muhammed Ali fought on free television.  When these promoters start being greedy and start seeing the money in pay-per-view, they went that route, and it really is unfair to the fans.  It’s a ripoff.”

It’s so much of a ripoff, Fitch is shocked that fans still pay to see any fight on television when there are a million different ways to see things for free.

“With technology today, I don’t see how everybody doesn’t pirate it free anyways,” Fitch stated.  “Just get on board for free TV, and I think that needs to be the end of pay-per-view.”

Oh, the strange world that exists inside Jon Fitch’s mind where people don’t care about exciting fighters executing amazing martial arts moves but rather three rounds of grinding and decision wins. Where free tv contracts pay promotions enough to thrive and pay their athletes a decent amount of money. What a magical place it seems to be! So completely disconnected from reality and all. No wonder Jon spent the last three years of his UFC career wondering where all the fame and title shots were.

  • jjdnb

    Lol. He will never get it

  • Rob2Kx

    Really? How does what he said not make sense? I can pay $60 to watch a squash match between Cain and Bigfoot or… I can watch it online for free. Tough choice. Free TV pays for shows that cost millions per episode… It can pay NFL players’ salaries. And at the end of the day it looks like that’s the way the UFC is headed anyways.

  • Reverend Clint

    I agree with what he says… $60 for 3 hrs of generally mediocre content?

  • CAP

    There is so much free MMA on these days an event better really be good in order to buy it. I’ll see it one way or another though.

  • Dan Gilliland

    Jon Fitch deserves to fight on Free TV. There is plenty of MMA already on Free TV. What’s he whining about? If people were NOT willing to pay then it would be free. It’s the free market; a product is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    Stop your whining Jon. An idea would be: have an exciting fight for once and maybe it would be worth more than free.