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Jon Jones has a mystery meeting

Hmmm, I wonder what this could be about? Perhaps a discussion on Jon Jones and Rashad Evans becoming coaches for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter? Considering all the drama between Jon and Rashad / Rashad and Greg Jackson, it could make for a pretty interesting season. Then again, whenever Rampage tried to stir-fry some beef with Bones, it ended up pretty flat because Jon Jones just isn’t very good at talking smack.


  • Billytk

    Oh god I hope it’s not to coach TUF, 1) that will put off the title fight way too long and 2) Jones personality SUCKS and he would turn the first season of TUF on FX into a sure bomb

  • fightlinker

    don’t worry too much about a huge delay – those were caused by filming the show and then airing it – several weeks filming plus 3 months of airing. Since this will be the live one, it means 3 months of airing from Jan, so it wouldn’t be that bad.

  • kvelertak

    do not want. I just want Rashad and Jones to fight and shut the fuck up.. not talk more!

    I feel like Rashad is still bitching from the kimbo season.


  • Danjo

    I love Bones, but I don’t want to see his ass coaching TUF.

  • CAP

    How much more drama can they get from these two. We don’t need a drawn out TUF. Both guys should be ready to go. TUF is getting annoying because it always delays good fights, usually tying up a championship belt. Maybe the new live format can lessen the delay but shit, these guys have been talking for a year now let’s do it already.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The past dramma has only been on the hardcore-webs.  They’re gonna publicize their bitchfest to a larger audience and make some more money.  This is gonna  be broadcast-network-level bitching, folks. 

  • G Funk

    Snooki comments level-bitching?

  • CAP

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Snooki comments level-bitching?

    Only if Dick and Fenix’re fighting.

  • iamphoenix

    i won. richard lost. all that matters is that i won.