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Jon Jones is getting a year’s worth of pent up pissed off MMA fan hate

Poor Jon Jones. Yesterday’s press conference was NEWS FLASH: JON JONES IS A D-BAG and a lot of people are agreeing with that sentiment. If you ask me he’s kinda getting scapegoated. It’s been a bad 2 years full of injuries and fight cancellations and it’s been pretty brutal losing Dos Santos – Overeem, GSP – Diaz, everything on UFC 149, and now Jones – Hendo. Fan discontent has been growing all year and Jones is bearing the brunt of it because he could have fought and decided not to.

Worse yet, he turned down the exciting kind of lemons to lemonade fight the UFC used to be pretty good at pulling together. Injuries are a reality in mixed martial arts but you never had to worry about a situation like UFC 151 because the UFC was always ready to bring in a replacement. Oftentimes the replacement would be less exciting, like when Vladimir Matyushenko replaced Vitor Belfort against Tito Ortiz with a week’s notice. But in this case the UFC served up a fight that might not have been as competitive as Bones vs Hendo, but was certainly just as compelling.

To have Bones turn down the fight, especially with the entire event on the line and the company reeling from injuries and cancellations, is pretty crazy. As Dana White has said, this never happens. UFC history is chock full of guys fighting last second replacements, because injuries happen a lot and the show must go on.

The UFC does so well because the league chugs along at a consistent pace putting on great fights that keep people’s interest in the sport. But with the great gypsy curse now nearing year 2, that shit is starting to sputter a bit. PPV numbers have taken a big hit. We’re seeing some pretty low numbers, and ratings on FOX are either great or abysmal according to who you ask.

In that context, it’s hard to understand how a guy like Jones – who’s made millions of dollars with the UFC and became champion off a late replacement fight against Shogun – can turn down a fight like this. Sure, it’s his prerogative. But he shouldn’t be surprised that everyone hates his guts because of it. Fighters fight. That’s how it’s always been in the UFC. But more and more we’re seeing situations where that isn’t the case, and it’s pissing fans off more and more.

Every time an athlete sets out another condition. Every time they try to meddle in the matchmaking process. Every time they turn down an opponent because it’s ‘lose-lose.’ And now when they refuse to fight last-minute replacements. This is the kind of thing we used to mock boxing about, and now we find ourselves knee deep in that shit. And Jon Jones is gonna take the brunt of all the anger, because he could have fought and he chose not to.

  • Márcio

    The smug bastard deserves all the hate he can get.

  • matthewpolly

    He deserves the brunt, but I’d still like to hear from Greg Jackson and know if he really told Jones taking the fight would be the worst possible career move, because pretty clearly the opposite is true. A fighter is supposed to listen and trust his coach. Everyone knows that a promoter rarely has a particular fighter’s best interest at heart. But the coach should. It’s pretty much a rule that you fight who your coach tells you to fight. So if Bones was just listening to his coach, then the buck may pass a bit.

  • TheButtStrangler

    “…and a lot of people are agreeing with that sentiment.”

    Whats “…a lot of people”?

    More then 2?

    Its seems to me that the same people who hated Jones before still hate him now.

    But with the added benefit of dana leading their parade.

    Boo hoo.

    (A parade of nitwits IMO.)

  • TheButtStrangler

    Jack Slack just pointed out that Chael started his twitter antics a week before Hendo pulled out.
    And we know that Hendo knew that he was injured 3 weeks before that.

    So why does the responsibility fall on the shoulders of the one man who did everything he was supposed to do correctly because Zuffas, Hendo’s and Chaels petty schemes and stupidity all backfired on them?

    Situations like these remind me of that timeless old axiom:

    Boo Hoo.

  • drunkenjunk

    smug bastard is the perfect description for him. I look forward to him losing legitimately one of these days and it will be so sweet.

  • mofu69

    Well put Fightlinker. He use to be one of my favorite fighters. Now i see him as a selfish, arrogant coward. Instead of leaving a Legacy of Greatness, it will be a Legacy of Selfishness. Didn’t he think about the other fighters on the card. How about the fans that bought airline tickets, and booked their hotels. How about the businesses that were looking forward to getting some revenue to keep their business going. Or the UFC who made him into a star. Now I know why people hate him. Everytime he opens his mouth, crap comes out. Bones Knows Nothing. I was going to buy his NIKE shit, not no more.

  • drunkenjunk

    who the fuck is jack slack? Also get off jones dick strangler.

  • Márcio

    Let’s not kid ourselves this was a gimme fight for Jones and he was already beefing with Sonnen on twitter. He called Sonnen a coward and then he turned down the fight. I mean come on, man up bitch!

  • drunkenjunk

    sums it up perfectly. You can’t call someone a coward and then not fight them less than a week later. He should smash sonnen, who he’d probably be coming in at least 20lbs heavier than. Jones is the coward.

  • Dodectagon

    This kinda sucks and all, but at least all the people whining for years about how the UFC are mean ol’ bullies and fighters don’t have enough power got their wish. Welcome to the mainstream.

  • Nachtfalter

    Fighters fight but Jonny is, by his own admission, a businessman. Seems like the two are mutually exclusive in his case.

    But in all seriousness, it’s not Jones’ fault the undercard including the co-main sucked so hard it was absolutely inconceivable to go forward with the event in spite of the main event falling through. That’s on Silva and Shelby as well as Lorenzo and Uncle Fester.

  • Nachtfalter

    @matthewpolly: Greg was on the Jordan Breen show right after all the shit hit the fan. I don’t think they touch on the exact way he worded his advice to Jones, so I can’t answer if he actually used the words “worst possible career move”, but he was very clear about his opinion that fighting an elite fighter with eight days notice was a bad idea.

    Actually, he kept talking about three days notice because he claims the fight week itself doesn’t count because there’s little to no training going on. Extremely idiotic point for a smart guy like Greg.


    Pretty good article on MMAmania where the blame for this goat rope is properly dished out:

    I like this section of the article:

    Imagine if you would, the following scenario: current middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is scheduled to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr three weeks from now. In two weeks, JCC breaks his hand and pulls out of the fight. Why would Martinez be obligated to take a fight against Jr. (light) middleweight #2 Miguel Cotto, who’s fresh off his loss to Mayweather? It’s an absurd notion. When you make a one-fight card, as this PPV was, and the fight gets monkey-wrenched by injury, that’s your fault for setting yourself up this way.

  • voice of reason

    ^Because it’s an easy fight against a smaller guy and the champion was acting holy all this time so people expect certain things of him, like defending the goddamn belt in an easy fight against a smaller guy …

  • Reverend Clint

    ive never like jones mostly becasue he is uppity douchey like King Mo


    It is kind of comical that NOBODY gave 2 fucks about this card last week and all of a sudden it’s a tragedy of epic proportions that it’s been canceled.

    I would have like to have seen Jones – Sonnen, but seriously, who gives a shit?


    Zuffa needs to cancel more cards IMO.

  • kvelertak

    I posted that pic to his twiter.

    fucking cunt.

  • matthewpolly

    When it comes to blame, it’s not a Kierkegaardian either/or. There is plenty to go around. Jones didn’t have to take the fight, but he should have. Dana didn’t have to cancel the whole card but he did in part because the rest of it was so weak. Greg Jackson could have told his fighter to “go get some fans,” but he told him to do the thing that would hurt him the most with fans. Hendo could have revealed his injury 3 weeks ago and given the UFC more time to set up a possible replacement. About the only one who doesn’t deserve any blame in Chael, who being close to Hendo’s camp may (conspiracy-alert) have known two weeks ago when he started drumming up a feud with Jones that Hendo was hurt. Even if he didn’t, he did lay the groundwork for making fans care about the potential match-up.

    Who deserves the most blame between Jones, Jackson, Dana, & Hendo? I say Jones, but obviously there are differences of opinion.

  • iamphoenix

    ugh honda housey ruined this too! damn that crazzy ass biitch!

  • frickshun

    ShortStack–>your argument is invalid. Boxing promoters negotiate for months over matchmaking & pay. In the UFC, they’re told who to fight & the contracted pay rate is irrelevant. And when is the last time you heard a boxer say “Hey, that promoter totes gave me extra cash cuz my fight was so entertaining!!” Besides that, top boxers avoid a real fight until the payday is as big as they’ve ever gotten in their whole protected fucking careers. MMA is not built like that.

  • UfcrocksmyJock

    Actually your wrong Boxing has been giving away handouts way before the UFC ever did for exciting Fights and Best KO’s. Julio Cesar Chavez was getting 100,000 dollars for KOing motha Fs back in the 80’s from Don King

  • Reverend Clint

    boxing is gay… done