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Jon Jones misses huge chance to repair his shitty image

(They also got the Miguel Torres thing wrong too)

The opportunity was presented to Jon Jones, on a silver platter, surrounded by beautiful baby vegetables, to show the world that he’s not just a Terminator programmed to win fights and suck in every dollar his cybernetic hoses can reach. That human blood actually courses through his veins. He failed. And the worst part is that it was a WIN/WIN situation he threw away.

Chael Sonnen just fought six weeks ago. He took some time off after a heart-wrenching loss to Anderson Silva, which means he’s barely training now. Aside from a great double leg, he has shit to threaten Jones with, and the fact that he’s not in fighting shape whereas Jones is coming off a full camp, makes that one weapon impotent. Chael doesn’t even finish the Dan Miller’s of the world, even if he landed a takedown how would he have finished Jones before he gassed out and succumbed to basically whatever mode of violent stoppage Jones so chose? And, he’s a middleweight!

Jones fucked up, badly. Don’t blame Greg Jackson either. Jones asked for his advice. The fact that Jackson gave him suckass advice doesn’t excuse the fact that Jones is the one who must make these choices, not his handlers. He can and should seek their counsel, but this is his career. He knew he had image issues, and if he doesn’t care about that then he made the exact right decision, because now it’s even worse.

He could have stepped up and saved the day. Instead, he’s a major part of the reason why 20 other guys won’t be getting a paycheck next week. He pissed away the perfect opportunity at the perfect time to salvage his sinking reputation, and for no logical reason. It’s mind-boggling, really, and just confirms my belief that Jon Jones is a robot, and aside from being magnificent on the cage, a poorly programmed robot at that.

  • TheButtStrangler

    Well, darn…

    I guess I’ll be shitty to prove multiple times that I’m the most devastating ass kicker in the world at my current weight,
    by kicking the holy shit out of every other very legitimate asskicker at that weight!

    That might not be so romantic as king of the cleared out division,
    or fooling around with a twitter champ,

    But you can never please them all.

    So be it.

  • drunkenjunk

    he’s still a tool

  • TheButtStrangler

    It necessarily takes a certain amount of “tool”-ness to be a top shelf asskicker.

    The degree of that in the final formula can be what is arguable.


    Whatever your opinion of Jones’ decision not to accept the fight with Sonnen… he can’t be blamed for UFC 151 being canceled. That fault lands squarely and solely on the shoulders of the UFC. They are the one’s who built a card that relied completely on the main event and was devoid of any other meaningful or intriguing matches. Blame it on too many shows, over-saturation, the injury bug or whatever… at the end of the day they have nobody to blame but themselves.

    UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson:

    Main Bouts (on Pay-Per-View):
    -Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson
    -Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron
    -Dennis Siver vs. Eddie Yagin
    -Dennis Hallman vs. Thiago Tavares
    -John Lineker vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

    Preliminary Bouts (on FX):

    -Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo
    -Takeya Mizugaki (15-7) vs. Jeff Hougland
    -Tim Means vs. Abel Trujillo
    -Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez
    -Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann
    -Kyle Noke vs. Charlie Brenneman

  • Letibleu

    ^^ Ive been saying this.

    -UFC builds watered down 151 card with 1 big main event. Rest of card not even Fox Fuel worthy.

    -Fans and journalists meanwhile start beating the flaky card drum. UFC denies this, Dana calls everyone all kinds of names.

    -Main event falls through. None of the card holds together with the only meaningful fight scratched.

    -UFC looks stupid with their watered down card. They see the criticism coming. They try to save the main event. Champion refuses all fights with no adjustment time.

    -UFC decides to deflect problem to a sole fighter. Media and fans bite on the diversion. Nobody talks about the core of the problem being crappy cards.

    Company before the fighters.

    Main events have fallen through before and the rest of the cards have held up. Look at the lineup!

    Sure Jones is a dick for not taking a replacement but I just learned Hendo knew about the knee 3 weeks ago and they arent blaming him for that. I find what dana did is totally scumbag.

    JJ is to blame for leaving the card with a shitty main even. Zuffa is to blame for putting together yet another shitty card they now have to cancel .

    The PPV and Fox models running side by side just hit a wall. It doesnt work, we know it, they know it but they will NEVER acknowledge they goofed.

  • Letibleu

    i still dont like JJ

  • matthewpolly

    Jon Jones says he’s a businessman, but he’s actually a diva who needs things the pillows to be fluffed just right. If he had any business sense he would know (a) you never tell fight fans that you are doing it for the money, even if you are & (b) refusing to fight is the single worst sin in MMA. You can be a druggie, a drunk, a criminal, an adulterer, even a steroid cheat, but you cannot be a punk. But at least you can say about Jones that he is only 23 and has less than two years experience in the UFC. You can argue he’s young and dumb and didn’t know any better. You can’t say that about Greg Jackson. He should know better.


    I don’t blame the guy. With MILLIONS of dollars on the line (current and future) and a fight that is lose – lose what would you do?

    Be honest.

  • colostate1985

    Short Bus does have a point. Building a card that relies on a single fight to go off is not only a bad idea, but it practically guarantees lower PPV numbers than a card that had some more solid fights to anchor it.

    That being said, one need only look at his Facebook page and read the various comments to see who the public blames. Normally I wouldn’t fault an athlete for not taking a championship fight on 8 days notice, but considering he’s been training for a wrestler with even better hands, and Sonnen hasn’t trained one day in the last month and a half makes me wonder what he was thinking by turning down this title defense. My conclusion is that he’s as big of a tool as I thought he was.

  • colostate1985

    Here’s a fun article, along with a hilarious/sort of depressing tweet from Charlie Brenneman.

  • randlemansvertical

    Jones is a faggot. He’s some dipshit that wasn’t good enough to make the seahawks second string, but he’s nigger athletic enough to dominate in mma. Now he’s becoming a primadonna bag of shit. I hope Machida knocks his teeth out and pisses on his gums and then Dana fires his ass live on the ppv.

  • matthewpolly

    Short_Bus, I agree that fighting Chael Sonnen was lose-lose. Anything less than a knockout in 30 seconds would make him look bad. But turning down the fight was an even bigger lose, as far as reputation and therefore future earnings are concerned. He was in a bad position but he managed to make it worse. Zuffa has a virtual monopoly on the sport. Dana can make fighters’ careers disappear. He can also do that to fight camps. He practically destroyed Pat Militech’s and that was back in the day when there were more than one top organization. The fact that Greg Jackson seems not to understand any of that, when supposedly he’s such a great strategist, is crazy to me. When the UFC comes to you and says, “If you don’t take this fight, we’ll have to cancel the event,” you take the fucking fight.

  • drunkenjunk

    not to nitpick Polly but Jones is 25. When you hit that age you really shouldn’t be able to use young and stupid anymore. He’s been in the business for at least 4 years, he knows better. But like you said he’s a diva, fuck him. I pray that Machida ko’s him and he falls off.


    I think we’re going to see more of this as we continue to strive for the “mainstream”. The rash of fighters pulling out of fights due to injury in the past 12 months is a sign of that. Sure, the addition of health insurance aided in that, but guys are taking this more seriously now and approaching it as a business and thinking about longevity and career paths.

    Growing pains.

  • TheButtStrangler

    And dont underestimate,
    taking a fight on short notice, getting smoked and then fired for it!

    Doing zuffa any favors has reaped a few guys absolutely snot a few times!

  • randlemansvertical

    The only possible reason I can see is that this is some ploy to make more people tune in to watch Jones in the hopes he gets smashed. A clever ploy, but I don’t think Jones is that smart. He’s just a douchebag, and the sooner he loses the belt the better, IMO.

  • matthewpolly

    drunkenjunk, I’m 41, so even 25 feels young and stupid to me. But you’re right, it’s no excuse. Even if his coach told him not to fight, he should have known better. I was always taught that you fight whoever they put in front of you. Better to take a L on your record than gain a reputation for ducking.


    How much of this “outrage” is amplified because people don’t care for him to begin with?

    Imagine the “shit on Jones” party that’s going to ensue when he eventually gets his ass handed to him in the cage. Shitdog will be crashed for days.

  • matthewpolly

    Yeah, that’s kind the point. Chuck could have done something like this and we’d all forgive him, because he was always a warrior, always game. But Jones already had a fake-ass diva rep, so either he or Jackson should have known this would legitimize all that anti-Jones hatred, not to mention all the anti-Jackson hatred for his playing it safe fighting strategies.

  • TheButtStrangler

    “…and we’d all forgive him, because he was always a warrior, always game. …”

    We still love Chuck and thats true.

    But that was a different era and situation.

    Chuck also took fights he shouldn’t have.

    He got whooped by Randy because tito was zuffa’s champ in a glass case,
    who they wouldn’t make face a genuine challenge for 3-4 years until they were finally forced to!

    Tito was doing the same thing that shmilva is doing,
    refusing to engage until everybody else has picked themselves off against each other,
    and then trouncing the last straggler!

    For Chuck this earned him getting sent over seas to pride as a dispensable patsy to get whooped by jackson!

    Which would ultimately re-bite him on the ass years later and put the final kibosh of his whole career!

    Just fighting blindly who zuffa, but especially “TWITTER-ZUFFA” puts in from of you may be romantic to some (for the length of their attention),
    but it really isn’t a smart career choice anymore!

    You’ll have a longer MMA career hanging out with justin beiber on twitter then playing by zuffas rules.

  • Letibleu

    ^^sometimes i read your crap and once in a while I think there is something intelligent that’s about to manifest itself, but I keep reading and it become lost on me. Every time.

  • TheButtStrangler


    Although I’m not sure what your point is?

    Is that you cumjunky?

  • TheButtStrangler



  • whitebelt

    I agree with Polly. Dana is a fucking dictator that has too much power. He’s brainwashed all the fans into expecting fighters to put the company’s interests first before their own. If they don’t, he will throw them under the bus and destroy their careers because there is no union to protect the fighters. I think jones should’ve taken the fight but he’s not obligated to do it.

  • TheButtStrangler

    What some people are saying is pointing to dana rage-quitting!

    Something about refund rules in nevada that wont let him pull off the scam that he did in Calgary.

  • Nachtfalter

    I pretty much completely agree with the post (which might be a first – yay, Tony ;)). I don’t hate Jones, I certainly don’t hate Greg Jackson, but they made a silly, silly, silly decision here.

    I’ve heard the argument Jones is preserving a big payday by choosing to take the Sonnen fight at a time where it can be promoted longer and better, but that’s not valid to me. If Jones had taken the fight now and destroyed Chael (which he would have), we all know how this works. Sonnen claims he’d kick his ass with a full camp, bla bla bla… rematches sell more, anyway.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • frickshun

    When you are a star performer in a private sector business, you sometimes take a lower paycheck up front if it pleases the boss. Bones would have curried much favor & become a Liddell or Griffin-esque figure to Zuffa. Instead, they’ll be bitter towards him for costing them a few million in their pockets & much fan disdain.

  • drunkenjunk

    eat shit ass strangler

  • G Funk

    Polly FAILS again!

  • Rob

    The fans have hated Jones since long before he gave them a good reason (with the DWI and now this). He probably doesn’t care too much about their opinions. Even taking the fight wouldn’t have helped his image much. How many people went “man, Junior dos Santos is a real warrior for taking this Frank Mir fight on short notice”?