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Jon Jones spent a few months being Shogun Rua

Shogun Rua’s got some slight disadvantages going into his fight on Saturday against Jon Jones. He hasn’t fought in 10 months. He’s coming back from his third knee surgery, so soon after his second that we still vividly remember how cack he was immediately after that one. He was also prepping for a very different opponent in Rashad Evans. Sure, one might say Jon Jones is at a similar disadvantage there because he’s only had a month to train for Shogun too. Unfortunately for Rua, that’s not exactly true:

The timing for Jones to land this title shot could not have been more perfect. Jones was a primary sparring partner for Evans as he prepared for Rua. It was Jones’ job to doppelgang for Rua, simulating his movement and replicating his strikes.

If ever there was a time for Rua not to face Jones, it’s Saturday night.

“It [imitating Rua to help Evans prepare] will help me a lot,” Jones told “I have watched a lot of Shogun’s fights, and I have seen a lot of his tendencies, a lot of things that he’s been doing since his Pride[FC] days — in his jiu-jitsu part, in his bottom game, in his striking game. I see a lot.

“While I was preparing Rashad, I was mimicking Shogun: his stance, his steps, his punches and kicks that he throws the most, the hand that he uses the most. I’ve been watching the guy too, since I was young. I’ve really started to understand what he throws and why he throws it. And we will see that when I come out there: a calm, a sense of knowing what I’m into and what I’m doing. I’m really excited.”

I don’t like counting Shogun out – too many people see this as Jones’ fight to lose – but he’d better come back ready to bang like a Charlie Sheen intern or the championship belt he’s been chasing for years is gonna be gone before he’s even able to defend it once.

  • iamphoenix

    is that milk juice on his chin?

  • Letibleu

    P W, i don’t think you understand the meaning of that phrase. It means Jon Jones is know for molesting grown men so unless he pulls a Nate Marquardt it should be a fairly uneven fight in his favor.

    If he makes Rua look silly Jones will be considered the next coming of Jesus.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I am surprised Ryan doesn’t have a link to the article from The Wall Street Journal annointing Jones as a possible Jordan/Ali of mma, according to them he may be mma’s first “transcendent star”


    GSP, Brock, Chuck, Randy GTFO!!! Bones is the first breakout star in mma lol.

    Dunno if he is really planning on striking with Shogun, which may end up as bad when Rashad did the same with Machida and abandoned his wrestling entirely. Hopefully Bones isn’t that foolish, Bones neeed to utilize his reach to keep distance, even though he rarely ever jabs it will be his best chance at keeping Rua at bay…well that and his offensive wrestling.

  • P W

    “P W, i don’t think you understand the meaning of that phrase.”

    No, I just read too quickly and got it all wrong. Sorry!

  • P W

    “too many people see this as Jones’ fight to lose”

    Who does? Rua is a pretty big underdog on the betting lines.

    Edit: I got it all wrong there, but I’m not gonna delete my comment and pretend it didn’t happen. Today’s brainfart is on me guys!

  • Letibleu

    Jones will put Bob Arums theory on the black minority MMA fan basin to rest within 18 months (if he wins and keeps the title).

  • frickshun

    Is the “MMA fan basin” where white supremacist fans wash away their sins?

    I hate being prey to hype but DAYUM!! This story has me thinking Bones should be a 20 to 1 fave now.

    I think they should cast Will Smith in the eventual Bones docu-drama!!

  • Reverend Clint

    he should be played by kat williams