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Jon Jones wants to be a movie star

Jon Jones wants to be a movie star

Hollywood seems to be going MMA crazy again, importing fighters left and right for movie roles. And one guy who wants to get in on some of that action is Jon Jones. Via MMA Junkie:

“I’d like to model my acting career on Dwayne Johnson, the way he came out of [WWE] and started off tough guy roles and then moved over to doing ‘Tooth Fairy,’” Jones told during an appearance at the UFC’s “World Tour” in Los Angeles. “That’s when you really saw that he could act, and he’s the one I admire and respect a lot, so I know I’d love to model my acting career after (him)…

“As an entertainer, I think acting is one of the highest levels you can get, and right now, I’m doing pretty well in my field, which is the martial arts world. To branch out a little bit and get my feet wet there and maybe prepare myself for a career after this career, I think it’s all part of the plan.”

There’s so much WTF in all this I don’t know where to start. Namedropping The Rock’s performance in the Tooth Fairy as the point where he started being taken seriously as an actor? W. T. F, sir. And even trying to compare himself to the Rock in the first place? The Rock is an extremely charismatic guy who’s so enjoyable as a character that he just plays himself in all the movies he’s in. Jon Jones is like the Anti-Rock. People don’t really like him – he’s a great martial artist in the cage but as a person the most used words to describe him are ‘fake’ and ‘not genuine.’

Never mind the fact that Jones can’t act to save his life. Back when Bud Light had Jon and Dana White appear in a commercial together, White ended up having to say Jones’ lines because Jones couldn’t even say ‘Here we go!’ convincingly. So let’s rest easy knowing that no matter how much smoke sycophants blow up JJ’s ass, he’s never going to get any sweet Tooth Fairy style roles that will win him critical acclaim.

  • brent brookhouse

    I dont like the concept.
    But Jones might be the guy with enough talent oozing out of his poors to do both.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    You’ve spelt “pores” wrong, you dumb fuck. Have you actually seen the written word before? Not to mention your omitted apostrophe. You stupid twat.

    Do everyone a favour and fuck off and die.

  • kvelertak

    How is a guy with no charisma going to act?
    Funny.. MMA is like the gateway to acting now.

  • glassjawsh

    well played doog

  • kwagnuth

    JJ is delusional if he thinks people would pay to see him on film. I can’t even sit through a interview with the guy and that’s for free. Even if the movie was for free nobody would show up in case there might be a line up which there wouldn’t be because nobody would show up. If anybody should be in the movies it’s Chael Sonnen now there’s a guy who should be getting offers.

  • danielt

    if he is not good at fighting ,

    do u think anybody care?

    these people easy forgot their roots