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Jon Jones will be healed up before you know it


Those of you worried that Jon Jones’ gruesome toe injury would keep him on the sidelines for the rest of 2013, rejoice!

The Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group, Dr. Robert Klapper, appeared on UFC Tonight yesterday evening as he disclosed the facts about the champion’s injury to Kenny Florian. Klapper gave Florian the breakdown of the injury, stating, “It’s just a dislocation, in six weeks it’s healed, then you start range of motion strengthening rehab. He’ll be back to fighting in six to eight weeks.” Doctor Klapper also went in to detail as to how the injury occurred and the mechanics behind the injury telling the UFC Tonight crew, “It’s a very significant injury to a very important spot of the body.” The Chief Surgeon went on to say, “When you see him dislocate, which is what he did, and deform that big toe, you’re really disrupting a very important joint in the body.”

How was that fucking thing not broken? It twisted sideways 90 degrees. Apparently the foot is like a Rubik’s Cube and you can spin the toes around without causing too much trauma. Or maybe this is just more proof that Jon Jones is a real life superhero. He finished Vitor Belfort after getting his arm broken backwards and took out Chael with a mangled foot. And he comes back from these injuries in record time without missing a beat. I am pleasantly suspicious.

(pic via Brad Penner for USA TODAY)

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    This is toe-riffic news, but yes, it’s starting to become clear that Jones is either a) some sort of alien being with super-human healing abilities or b) them folks at Jackson’s are giving him some premium, professional strength, prescription necessary “remedies” to speed up his recovery.

    …and no, great genetics and youth are not option C. There is no option C.

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