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Josh Thomson thinks the MMA media sucks

(A recent video so you can play Spot the Injury)

Josh Thomson really really really wants to stress the point that rumors of a knee injury leading up to this weekend’s fight against Gilbert Melendez are false:

There’s no injury, everything is good. I tweaked my wrist and I tweaked some of my other body, but nothing bad. There’s always little injuries going into a fight, but nothing that is going to take me out of it.

The thing that was written about me said, ‘Oh he has a torn PCL’, but if you have anything torn, you wouldn’t even be contemplating the fight. Even if there was an injury, at least give the fighter a chance to pull out of the fight, or at least confirm that there is an injury.

I understand that it’s up to the media people to break the news first, but the best part about it all, was how some of the media guys, especially this idiot that was on there. He gets on there (Twitter), and after I’ve denied it, says, ‘I know I’m right. I’ve confirmed with three sources. I’m right and you’re wrong. You’re going to get your ass kicked on Saturday, anyway.’ And I’m thinking, ‘This is a guy that just wants to drop some information, whether it’s true or not.’ That’s just so typical, I think, of the MMA media.

Oh, that terrible MMA media. I’ve been hearing that a lot these days about how awful and full of sh*t we all are, constantly getting everything wrong. Why, I hear some of the the guys running MMA news sites *gasp* haven’t even gone to journalism school!

I don’t know what to believe regarding Josh Thomson’s injury. But I didn’t really know beforehand either. See, the way it works nowadays on the internet is you read a whole bunch of crap about a whole bunch of stuff and then based on the legitimacy of the source you decide what you’re going to believe. Most people know something they read on MMA Junkie has a much better chance of being legit than something thrown out on twitter or some internet forum.

That being said, if some dude on twitter keeps scooping MMA Junkie on certain stories, then people are going to start paying attention to him. And if he starts getting sh*t wrong, that attention goes away. It all regulates itself, so if someone wants to stake the reputation they’ve built over the past year and a half on Thomson’s knee being a stiff breeze away from falling apart, that’s their prerogative. And if you think that’s amateur hour … boo hoo. Welcome to the internet. Go read a newspaper or watch network news, because they’re so much better at being accurate, objective, and impartial.


  • Reverend Clint

    he tore his asshole

  • Giallo

    lo(fucking)l…why do so many americians believe shit on foxnews? I think bill o’rielly’s bragging about fox starting those steller journalistic standards in the US.

  • variable

    Fact: If the party you are at is getting low on booze a Josh Thompson fight is a great time to make a beer run.

  • Filmdrunk

    Me and Josh know the truth, this is all Obama’s fault.

    Also, Fox News was created by an Australian.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I wonder what some of his other body being tweaked he’s referring to.  His stumbling there seems like a tell, as does this entire rant.

    Fighters like to confirm they’re injured right before they fight their toughest opponent, right?

  • Xyiencesucksdotcom

    The MMA Media does suck. There really is a lack of in-depth and hard hitting news across the board in the MMA media. Think about it. Fightlinker is an exception to the rule, as is, and I’m sure there are others who are up to par and do a great job, but there’s way too many fanboys and loose cannons out there. Case in point: I just published a new piece at that Bleacher Report actually removed from their site Thursday morning, which I’m sure is a direct result of pressure from the Zuffa brass. Bleacher Report is one of the most prominent sports sites out there covering MMA, and what do you think they’re excuse for pulling my article was? Check out this BS:

    “We don’t have the infrastructure to responsibly stand behind any investigative journalism. This isn’t permitted from any writer under our current policies.”

  • iamphoenix

    xyiencesucksdotcom sucksdotcom

  • agentsmith

    “We don’t have the infrastructure to responsibly stand behind any
    investigative journalism. This isn’t permitted from any writer under our
    current policies.”

    Haha, that’s a pretty funny statement about the status of MMA media.  The vast majority are glorified bloggers, because the mainstream sports media has ignored the sport for so long that the fans just did it themselves.  So most of the blogger type sites are basically referencing articles from the “legit” sites and adding dick-joke analysis, while the “legit” sites are either “just the facts” and bland as Wonder Bread or else they get their creds revoked like Sherdog.

    Investigative journalism is a thing of the past, but that’s true for all news media these days.  If Watergate happened today, it wouldn’t even make the papers.

  • frickshun

    HAHAHAHAAHHAHA. Did just say Fightlinker does a great job?? This site is the jack of no trades, master of none.