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Junie Browning is hoping someone takes his plight seriously

When the news broke that TUF’s craziest crazy person Junie Browning had gotten into a bar / hospital brawl in Thailand with the mob, we all had some yucks while saying “Oh that Junie.” We then went about the rest of our day, which for me involves eating pickles and trolling But Junie is still neck deep in the shit, and he’s sharing his story with MMA Weekly in the hopes that it will help him secure aid from his government. Here’s his take on the fight that started it all:

“It was no longer a man on man ‘bar brawl’ but a fight for my survival. I was trying to defend myself in the street when at some point I fell back to the ground. They drug me back into the bar where they pummeled me with punches and kicks. It was me against everyone. For a second time I received a mass blow over the head with a thick glass mug that split my head open and made me fall to the floor. I curled up in the fetal position, submissive, and I continued to be kicked and hit. My arms up covering my face I felt a slice to my forearm and another stab to my neck,” Browning told

This is slightly different from the original version told by Junie where he ‘managed to break a few orbital bones, at least a couple jaws.’ But I get it. This is a serious plea for potentially life-saving help, not your Facebook wall. I also have my doubts about Junie’s “We have no idea why these people attacked me!” line. This is a guy who once used his post-fight victory speech in enemy territory to declare “LADIES, AFTER THIS I WANT TWO LINES, ONE FOR SUCKING, AND ONE FOR FUCKING.”

But whatever stupid crap comes out of your mouth, it doesn’t make it okay for a dozen people to gang bang you with glass bottles. As for what went down in the hospital:

“They began to assess my wounds and stitch up the three large gashes on my head. Without any consideration to my safety or the events that had just occurred, they placed both Menzies, accompanied by MJ Castro, and the man who had attacked me with a mug, in the beds right beside me. Needless to say, I became furious and again words were exchanged. As it escalated a second time into a physical fight… Security and Patong Police arrived and restrained all parties. I was taken into the waiting lobby on a stretcher in handcuffs in front of numerous people to finish giving me medical attention,” recounted Browning.

“At no point was I rude or uncooperative with either the medical staff or the police. Taken into consideration the severity of my wounds and my demeanor and my girlfriend’s statement, the police officer removed my handcuffs. We were told by the officer that we should stay the night in the hospital to have my head monitored and would be able to go home with no charges the next morning. It was obvious to him that I was the victim.”

There’s way more info in the MMA Weekly article regarding the Thai mob coming after Junie and his escape into hiding. He’s out of Thailand, but still somewhere in that sketchy pacific rim and apparently still all messed up from the ass kicking he received.

“All we are asking for is help from people we can trust which brings us here now. We are victims of a viscous assault and attempt on our lives. We are seeking the assistance of the U.S. Embassy and want to clear my name of the wrong-doing I was accused of.”

Good luck Junie! I hope your government gives a shit about your plight!

  • iamphoenix

    I’m about to heat up some pizza.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Junie Browning got in over his head in Thailand and now he’s paying for it. I don’t feel sorry for him at all – he’s been in dozens of violent incidents state-side and I have to believe that he pulled the same macho shit there. Now he’s learned that he’s nothing but a little bitch and that there are real “lunatiks” out in the world if you go looking for them. Good riddance.

    I traveled Thailand for weeks getting into all kinds of mischief and never once had any violent confrontations (or even a threat of one). He’s in this position because he got tough with the wrong fuckers in the wrong country. Something tells me the US isn’t going to go out of their way to ship him back anytime soon.

  • Jarman

    too bad for him, you reap what you sow. I fucking hate using semi-biblical references, but this one really applies. everyone saw (or had the opportunity, but didn’t care) Junie bein Junie on TUF, then read the stories in the papers. Maybe if this was Jon Fitch, who never does anything more interesting or wild than bitch about not getting title shots and play skyrim, people would take it seriously, and the embassy would help out.

    Welcome to the real world Junie (which I only know about from…well, who knows!). He’s lucky he only got hit with glass. Could have just as easily been a machete. And we would have cared as little.

    What kind of pizza penix?

  • iamphoenix

    It was a metorphorical pizza. had subway, and 4 tacos from jack in the box. Orego. State is pretty shitty too. Nothing buttfucking trees. Losers.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ you’ve obviously never been to Astoria

  • Dexerion

    He needs to ask Urijah Faber how to handle international bar fights. He knows what’s up.

  • fightlinker

    “Take it on the chin”

  • agentsmith

    The cleft in Faber’s chin is from a machete attack in Phuket years ago.  True story!

  • CAP

    I’m starting to enjoy this story.

  • Jarman

    I’m starting to enjoy the comments of this story more.. Dexerion sets em up, linker knocks em down! I actually said to myself “I don’t get it” just before reading take it on the chin. I’m such a fuckin mark.

    Tacos from Jack in the Box….damn phoenix, with their e.coli track record, that just seems like a quick path to misery. Cute Freudian slip there. Guess you’re out checkin the highway rest stops of Oregon?

  • kwagnuth

    He probably broke a bottle and waved it at the wrong peeps and they showed him what to do with a broken bottle. As for getting him out of the country I think this is a job for the Expendables or maybe he is expendable himself in which case he is on his owne.