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Junie’s attacker is one crazy SOB

Junie Browning’s Asian adventure continues, and as you can see from the above picture the Thai news media are having a field day with the story. Junie has already shared his side of the story, saying he was basically jumped and beaten badly for no apparent reason. And now here’s an article about the guy Browning alleges organized the jumping, Simon Menzies:

A MAN on a flight to Darwin threatened to “smash” the captain and blow the plane up after cabin crew refused to serve him more booze.

Sydney man Simon Wilson Menzies, 31, was drunk and angry when he told the female cabin crew manager on a flight this week that he could”bring the plane down if he wanted.”

Menzies said: “I’m half muslim, half Aboriginal and everyone else is a white a*******. I could f******blow up the plane.”

He then began to sing a song about the plane crashing and everyone dying.

Last week in Darwin Magistrates Court the child counsellor became the first person in Australia to be charged and convicted under new Commonwealth laws relating to threatening and assaulting plane crew members. The amended laws came into effect on March 30. Magistrate Elizabeth Morris gave him a one month suspended sentence for the offence.

The court heard Menzies was on Jetstar flight JQ81 from Brisbane to Darwin on Tuesday com when he became abusive after being refused a fourth beer. The court heard he was refused service because he continued to be rowdy despite repeated warnings.

After he was refused service Menzies, who is 190cm and solidly built, stood over the cabin crew manager and told her to get the captain.

“Send the captain I will f****** smash him I’m the biggest guy on the plane,” he said. Later, in the galley, Menzies confronted the captain, who feared that the drunk man was going to assault him.

When a female passenger approached the pair and told Menzies that he was causing her friend to have a panic attack he said: “I don’t give a f*** about your friend.”

He sounds like a real swell guy. How he got away with a one month suspended sentence is beyond me. If he pulled that shit in America he’d end up Guantanamo’d … if an air marshall didn’t blow him away first. Amazingly enough, Menzies sounds like he could be a bigger dickbag than Junie ever was, which is impressive. Junie might have washed out of the UFC, but he’s a P4P top idiot. Did he finally meet his match?

All in all, this is turning into a more interesting story than the time Shonie Carter got really drunk and woke up in Turkey.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Tommy Lee Jones needed asap

  • Letibleu

    I read about this on the comedy news network (C.N.N). Junie needs to settle down if he gets out of this one. There is a local bar I like to go to. Shit happens often but always people that look and attract shit end up in it. Often these same people plead innocence but its obvious that if you look for a conflict it will find you. Other people like me go there and never have a problem.

  • Jarman

    I swear I’ve heard the name Simon Menzies before…..related to crazy asshole, I’m sure of it…..

  • CAP

    Some people gotta learn the hard way or just plain never learn. Given his history I find it hard to believe he didn’t bring this on himself.