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Junior Dos Santos says Frank Mir isn’t a man

Back before his big resurgence, Frank Mir had a bit of a rep for folding like a lawn chair when the going got rough. Junior Dos Santos has noticed this, and brought it up during their UFC Primetime series:

“He’s not a man. He gives up. Against Shane Carwin, he pretended he was hurt. He’s full of it.”

Frank Mir shrugged it off and fired right back:

“I think maybe that’s just an assessment, and maybe it also draws confidence on his part. You’ve got to realize, the guy just watched me break his coach’s arm after he thought he had me out,” Mir stated.

“That’s kind of a scary proposition for him because in his mind it’s ‘okay, so if I hit him and knock him down, can I jump and grab this guy?’ Nogueira, who has been doing (jiu-jitsu) longer than him and more proficient at it had him out and went to slap on a choke, and he still reversed my coach and swept him and got on top, and put him into a surgical room shortly after. Sometimes, I think you say things to also garner confidence.”

A lot more of Dos Santos’ confidence probably comes from the belt strapped around his waist, and the 10 dudes he delivered into another dimension with his striking. Mir may have proven he’s still got some fight left in him on the ground after getting knocked down, but I don’t think Dos Santos plans on switching to jiu jitsu once the fight goes there. His game typically involves hitting people in the face until the referee pulls him off.

  • agentsmith

    I wouldn’t say he “gives up”, but he definitely crumbles when you swarm him and put fists on his face.  All 5 of his losses are by TKO, and 4 of them in the first round.  Even Brandon Vera knocked him out, so JDS is more than capable of doing so.

  • Reverend Clint

    you can say the same about brock though.

  • drunkenjunk

    he didn’t give up against nog

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m actually hoping for a sub by Mir, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dos Santos pulled-off the win.


    For sake of argument I’m not seeing how JDS is labeled the best  boxer in Heavy Weight?  Look at the list of people he has fought, I think he gets to much credit because he KO’D a couple big names.  Some big names that EH aren’t the best of the Heavy Weights. 

    Not to take away from his GG win as that was probably the one that impressed me the most but he wasn’t able to put out Nelson or Carwin.

    His best chance at winning is if Mir’s head isn’t into it and he is just ready to give up. I think Mir checked out years ago and now just running through the motions to get bay days.

  • frickshun

    ^^You’re looking @ it the wrong way. The heavyweight division is notoriously difficult to string together wins in. These guys are big, hit hard & are usually not great athletes/fighters. He’s beat every fighter he’s faced & the fights that didn’t get stopped were still horrific beatdowns where he was never in trouble. I think there’s only 1 answer to this riddle……MACHIDA!!