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Junior Dos Santos spent 100k on his last camp

Crazy expensive training camps are starting to become a more common occurance in today’s MMA landscape. Rampage Jackson blew my mind when he said he spent around 1 million dollars on his training camp with Rashad Evans. And now here’s Junior Dos Santos revealing he payed $100,000 to prepare for Cain Velasquez:

Before entering the UFC, for example, the fighter pay their coaches (Luiz Carlos Dorea and Yuri Carlton) with a percentage of his purse. Currently, in addition to new staff as a trainer and a nutritionist, Gypsy bears the costs of “exchange” of other athletes and teachers, which totaled $100 thousand in his last appearance in the Octagon.

“I brought people out to help in technical and physical preparation. I have to pay used to make food for the guys, stay well, give car. It is expensive, very expensive. I have my sponsors that give strength forever, but MMA does not yet give the ‘big money’ all that most people think.”

In an interview with Folha de São Paulo, Santa Catarina said that the figure quoted was used to provide infrastructure to coaches, trainers and sparring partners invited, as is the case of Ramon Lemos (BJJ), Josh Janousek (wrestling) and Billy Sheibe (muay Thai).

The cost was worth it, since Dos Santos took little over a minute to knock Velasquez out at UFC on Fox, held in November of last year, earning him a financial return of approximately $ 1 million (adding values ​​of sponsorships, purse and win bonus).

Maybe … just maybe … the UFC isn’t paying you too little, you’re paying way too much for training. I don’t care how world class the help you’re getting is, $100k is a pretty damn high amount of money to be spending on a 3 month training camp. Giving your managers 100k because you were payed a million bucks and they get 10% is one thing. But if I’m Junior Dos Santos and I get a 100k bill for my training, I’m gonna be saying “Puta que pariu esta merda!”

Here’s hoping this article is talking Brazilian Reals instead of US dollars, that would put the cost down to a still high but not quite so insane $55,000 dollars.

  • frickshun

    The real question is: DID HE BUY HIS MAMA A HOUSE?!


    Roids ain’t cheap.

    He can write all that stuff off. Hope he saved his receipts.

  • Reverend Clint

    He trains in space

  • FilmDrunk

    Tell me more about these gypsy bears he trains with.

  • thingvolds

    i’ve been seeing the 100k for main event fight training thrown around for a long time now. i know the guys who used to get a camp together and go up to big bear claimed to have spent even more multiple times.

    if jds spends 100k again for the overreem fight, it will be worth it. he’s going to knock the piss out of overreem in the first round. i am 100% sure, or i will never post again.

  • Jarman

    wow….that’s bold! if it goes as you say, we gotta start calling you thingbolds from then on. I’m just happy knowing those two’re going to throw down. Boxing vs kickboxing, for the ages.

    You’d think if he could drop a hundred large on a camp, he could invest in getting that freaky goblin ear pinned back to his head.

  • glassjawsh

  • iamphoenix

    jds really grew into his ears.

  • dola

    Eh, that pie gets sliced a lot of ways. They’re all professionals and gotta get paid.

    I think you’re burying the lede: on the same night as what will be remembered for Rampage’s epic scorched earth Twitter meltdown, the current HW champ tries to clear up the misconception “most people think” about what UFC payouts are in 2012.

    “UGGGGGGGGH.” -Dana, 3/9/12

  • Jarman

    ^enough of your journalistic turns of phrase. This thread got really funny, and all I needed from you was a “Sloth luv chuuunk.” but no. you had to go get all typy smart n shit. what do you think this is? and informative periodical on fighting or something?

  • G Funk

    ^HA. Some commenters aren’t jackals.

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