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Just what the UFC needs … more lawyers!

Watch out, internets: the legal firm that deals with the UFC’s intellectual property lawsuits just doubled in size.

The recent merger of Lewis and Roca and Beckley Singleton could result in at least one big winner among their clients: The Ultimate Fighting Championship. The combined firms make for a legal powerhouse of intellectual property protection when the mixed martial arts franchise needs it most.

Lawyers for UFC-parent Zuffa LLC have been busy fighting off the slew of Internet sites airing pirated UFC fight footage. Now the Las Vegas office of Lewis and Roca will have 12 intellectual property lawyers at its disposal.

Kid Nate throws in a note at the bottom of his post that I of all people should be worried about this. Which to me is hilarious. Even if I was doing anything illegal (regarding posting videos etc), it’s not like the retards the UFC hires could do anything about it. Whether they have 7 lawyers or 70 or 700, they’re complete morons who have their heads so far up their asses it pops back out of their necks and they look normal but in reality their heads are up their ass and stuff. Yeah.

Case in point: there’s a website, I hear. A magical place where people are able to get full DVD quality videos of EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MMA EVENT IN THE UNIVERSE. This place is a testament to the fact that a couple of fans who don’t make a cent can put together a better system of distribution than anything a ‘real’ company ever could. The site is like a Golf compared to the Diablo that is this site.

This site is also a testament to the fact that the guys protecting the UFC’s intellectual property don’t know shit and can’t stop crap. They’re so behind the times that they probably think rejecting content on Youtube is cutting edge. They’re also probably stupid enough to think they can win this fight against illegal content. In reality, fighting this shit will forever be a very expensive game of whack-a-mole. The most they can hope to do is make it more annoying to steal UFC content.

So here’s the sitch, UFC. You’ve got this big law firm that’s just doubled in size and you still haven’t even managed to scratch the surface of the thousands of terabytes worth of illegal content that’s on the internet. Sad fact is the people you’ve hired don’t even know where to look. I do. So do a large number of 17 year old kids who’s parents have locked out all the PPV channels on their TV and think MMA is a sin. We’d help you and all, but yeah … no.

So congrats on your firm doubling in size. You’ll need as many people as you can get to even start to put an iota of fear into the hearts of anyone pirating your content.

  • Jemaleddin

    Man, I wish I knew where to look. It sucks being dumb.

  • garth

    dude, all they have to do is hire the Chinese government to turn their giant borg-army of internet blockers on UFC content. If they get to a ratio of about one borg per human being, they’ll be able to stop illegal content. easy! just scale up!

  • dignan

    What I think is amazing is the idea that the spreading of such videos have hurt the UFC.

    In fact, it has helped the UFC spread like wildfire. Without it, I would predict that it the UFC would lose 40% of it’s viewership simply due to this lack of exposure.

    If I were ever able to find such an MMA heaver, where they would have everything I would ever want to see…I would focus on looking at Fedor videos, and Pride events that that I haven’t had exposure to. I may ever watch a few documentaries, followed by the odd instructional video…Maybe Dana and the UFC could do the same and learn a thing or two about production values and the talent they are missing in the UFC.

    I watch most of my events at a buddies house who buys all of them, or I will buy 2-3 events per year. I even plan on attending an event in the near future, but the second I start getting nickeled and dimed by a group of greedy fuckers who I have supported for over 7 years…they can suck my dick.

    The buzz that the internet has built by the internet and all the possible pirates is what BUILT the fucking UFC. It is also what could destroy it, although ever pinhead of a Boss usually forgets this since they’re too busy counting all of their scratch.

    As far as I am concerned, if Tito Ortiz is driving around in a fucking Rolls Royce Phantom(which he is) the UFC and it’s fighters are making waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money.

    What is Dana White and the Zuffa’s driving? A fucking Space Shuttle? Fuck’em, and let the lawyers bleed’em dry.

  • kentyman

    Maybe Zuffaâ„¢ is hiring these people to take anyone who misuses “Ultimate Fighting®” into The Octagonâ„¢ to beat them into Submission®.

  • Accomando

    “….In reality, fighting this shit will forever be a very expensive game of whack-a-mole….”

    UFC execs must find it entertaining.

  • garth

    it’s easy to forget how fundamentally stupid businesspeople are. They think of one thing, profit, and focus on it with a laser-like intensity, and have space in their heads for nothing else. So they’re myopic to an extreme, and if something is happening that wasn’t covered in their MBA class, or the WSJ opinion page doesn’t talk about, it might as well be in Martian for all the chance they’ll have of understanding it.

  • Cyrus

    whats the site? U tease just like caplan you fightlinker fucky fuckface

  • LR

    Even more interesting, Youtube-esque sites pop up every day now, there are tons of user submitted video sites out there as well. It’ll be a bitch just to police those everyday.

  • Kris Karkoski

    Well said. The UFC (like most companies) have yet to embrace new media and will continue to essentially waste time trying to shut sites down when one could easily have all the UFC events online on a brand new site in less than a day. We’re all waiting for the day when companies actually embrace the likes of YouTube and torrents rather than shun it. There’s a lot of money to be made on the internet and most companies fail to see it.

  • Audacity

    Maybe Zuffa should have asked the firm how their campaigns against internet pornography and illegal mp3s are going before they invested.

  • Jonathan


    Keep that site a secret!

  • Swedish guy

    The greatest thing about it is that the wages these lawyers make is coming directly from PPV and gates, meaning it will be/is more expensive than it has to be for john doe to see his MMA, and he’ll rather download the show, making for more lawyers to be hired, making the shows more expensive… downward spiral, anyone?

    Btw, I have never ever paid a cent to Zuffa, but have still seen, I guess, 80% of UFC events and shows ever made (haven’t bothered with some of the dark ages events). I guess Zuffa has the internet to thank for making me and my european fellas fans, whether or not they admit it.

  • fightlinker

    There are 3 or 4 sites out there. I’m talking about the best one. Which one that is, I could not say. First rule of fight club and all that.

  • Audacity

    How do you know about fight club?!

  • Rollo the Cat

    What this means is that the UFC really needs to concentrate on getting their product on live network TV, where everyone with a 10″ black and white set can view it. PPV dollars are not going to be coming in at this rate forever.

  • JoJo

    Things are getting bad, I uploaded 3 rampage vids from gladiator challenge onto my dailymotion account yesterday and all 3 were rejected in less than 4 hours. Does Zuffa’s hands reach that far? I don’t think they own that footage do they?

    i uploaded them onto rapidshare (since dailymotion sold their souls) if anyone is interested, cool stuff

    Quinton Jackson vs. Dave Taylor…aylor.wmv.html

    Quinton Jackson vs. Rocko Henderson…erson.wmv.html

    Quinton Jackson vs. Kenneth Williams…liams.wmv.html

  • Jemaleddin

    If the unmentioned site is Fight Club, does that make Fightlinker Project Mayhem? And what’s our first assignment? I’m willing to shave my head, but I don’t really want to hang out on your front porch…

  • Rollo the Cat

    So you never paid a cent to Zuffa and yet you think they should be happy to have you as a fan? I don’t get it.

  • Kid Nate

    Just baiting you to write about the story FL.

    Hooked you again.

  • Kid Nate

    Besides when are you going to man up and take that Guida/Huerta bet?

  • fightlinker

    Nate you jerk ;-) How about you and luke stop quoting so much and write more than 100 words a post! As for the bet, I’mma gonna call you out the day after UFC 78 and we’ll set our terms. It’s on like donkey kong.

  • Swedish guy

    Rollo> I was this –| |– close to robbing my grandma of about a thousand dollars to fly over to London for UFC 75, and if they were to put the shitty 78 card in Europe somewhere I’d definitely do it. I really regret not going to London — I and most Swedes who have been following the UFC on the P2P sites for a number of years aren’t exactly spoiled with UFC events in our close vicinity. So, by not throwing the people who over the years have provided me with illegal copies of UFC events in jail, the UFC has made sure I’ll rob my grandma a few times a year once they start putting on events in Europe on a regular basis.