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K-1 or MMA rules decided by coin flip

From Dave Meltzer’s summary of Japan’s Dynamite!! event:

Aoki has a unique fight with kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima. They will alternate four rounds, with one round under MMA rules and the next round they change gloves and fight under kickboxing rules. A coin toss will determine what rules they start under and which man has a huge advantage.

Nagashima has a lot more to worry about than just an L on his record. Aoki has started his own New Years tradition of crippling the people he fights at Dynamite!!, and it doesn’t sound like he has much respect for his opponent. Are we about to see a hate crime in the ring? I guess you’ll have to tune in and see…

  • mamoru

    I kinda love this fight.
    No matter what rules they start out with, one of my least favorite fighters is going to end up crying like a bitch inside the first round.

  • pewnt

    I hope it’s kickboxing first. Will never happen, but it would be nice to see Aoki forced to strike.

  • glassjawsh

    i love you japan

  • Omomatta

    DAAAAAAMN!!!! Is that Aoki’s woman?


    Pewnt-why would it never happen? Nagashima is one of japan’s only good kickboxers in max, they fuckin love him! I would argue that K-1 is bigger than MMA. Maybe. I think it could happen, either way, this fight makes me happy.

  • fightlinker

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they rig the coin toss. I’ve got 10 bucks on a K-1 round first.

  • agentsmith

    Aoki looks like he’s thinking, “This picture bring much shame my on family.”

  • SST

    Aoki thinking: “I killed Japanese MMA.”

  • agentsmith

    Gotta love the Japanese publicity stunt fights. What’s next, they bring over Nick Diaz again for an MMA/BJJ/kangaroo-boxing triathlon match?

  • P W

    “I would argue that K-1 is bigger than MMA.”

    At least they have a world wide presence that the UFC won’t match in… I don’t know… 20 years. They’ve held events in countries Dana White doesn’t even know exist.

  • Symbul

    Trust in FEG to class up the joint, every time.

  • G Funk

    Agent Smith’s last avatar was better!

  • pewnt

    Yeah Right, comment 5

    …. ?!?

    I don’t think Dream will risk Aoki getting knocked the fuck out in the first round. I think Dream will have it as mma/kb/. They are not above rigging a A coin toss, or doing behind closed doors.

    If mma/kb Aoki will take it down (younger/smaller Randy v Toney as a very rough example), and I’m gonna guess he’ll take the left leg home with him. Small chance to get ko, or Nagashima be a ground savant we never new about.

    If it’s kb/mma. This is gonna awsome IMO. Can Aoki survive? Will he Kalib Starne the round? If it goes down as kb/mma I think we’ll have a hightlight reel ko from Nagashima.

  • mamoru

    K-1 MAX has never been big, in japan or anywhere else.
    It’s doing better than DREAM, but only marginally.

    Fatty K-1 with akebono and Sapp and shit was always the moneymaker.

    And I can’t imagine Aoki being embarrassed by taking a picture next to a dude in drag agentsmith, did you not see the pictures he took with Imanari? Gayest shit since the Phil Baroni video Lindland put out.

    That’s not the kind of thing a person with the capacity for shame would put out there.

    Also, Aoki is not a popular dude. He’s seen as arrogant, unlikeable, etc etc.
    I don’t really think the DREAM officials would think twice about having him brutally knocked out on national television if they had the chance to make it happen.


    “K-1 MAX has never been big, in japan or anywhere else.” Forreals dog? Strange for the biggest kickboxing promotion in the world.

    Pewnt-well, it’s not really just a dream promotion. Dynamite!! is a FEG show, not solely dream, so imo having a vested interest in only one of their fighters doesn’t make much since. Now, if it was a Sengoku fighter, i would agree.

  • Futanari Cum Dumpster

    thats sum pro Aria Shichijou cosplay; he cant possibly lose now

  • mamoru

    Well, attendance numbers are out there.
    Masato was big, but outside of him, MAX never really was.
    Send Dan Herbertson a tweet or some shit and ask him how big the events are.

    I mean, I’m not talking them being down there with shootboxing/RISE or whatever, but it was never anywhere near HW K-1 or PRIDE.

  • GoldenArms

    is it me or does aokis head look too big for his body?

  • Marley Marl

    Can’t wait to watch this freakshow of a fight

  • pewnt

    Yeah Right, Comment 15
    “so imo having a vested interest in only one of their fighters doesn’t make much since.”

    It makes a lot of “sense” to anyone who have a little bit of business knowledge.

    Nagashima – Local draw. Following across a small part of Aisa.*

    Aoki – International draw. They dude sneezes, and 300 mma web sites cover it from 30 angles.

    HMMM I wonder who brings more attention to FEG on a Global level. Put it in Zuffa terms.

    Florian – Tuf Veteran. MMA Live on air personality. Half decent fill in for announcing. Several years in they company. Top Ten fighter.

    Cody Mackenzie – Tuf Veteran. A neat variation of the guillotine. Funny.

    See, one company can have more invested in fighter A, over Fighter B.

    * “small part of Asia” – don’t come back with the Nagashima is HUGE in Asia. Most People in Afghanistan, or India don’t have a fucking clue what FEG, Aoki, or Nagashima is. Maybe he’s big in the Palestinian territories, or Uzbekistan.

  • iamphoenix

    i think people in afganistan are too busy.